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All Snotty Added: 4/9/2006 Noun  
When you cum in a girls nose, she hockers it up and you make out with her.
Submitted by: Matt 32,649 views  

Ass Palm Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
Shove your hand down the back of your pants on a hot day and let it marinade in ...
Submitted by: Matt 3,878 views 3.14 = Ass Palm Star Ass Palm Star Ass Palm Star (7 votes)

black jack nic-nac Added: 7/21/2005 Noun  
when you screw a girl in the ass and get it covered in crap, or when a girl who ...
Submitted by: matt 32,568 views 2.00 = black jack nic-nac Star black jack nic-nac Star (3 votes)

Bouldering Added: 4/20/2014 Adverb  
When two circumsized penis' bump into each other contiuously for male arousal. I...
Submitted by: Matt 3,233 views 2.25 = Bouldering Star Bouldering Star (4 votes)

Box of Doughnuts, The Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
a prank when you take an empty doughnut box and take a shit in it with a note sa...
Submitted by: Matt 32,810 views 1.00 = Box of Doughnuts, The Star (2 votes)

Brain Matter Effect, The Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
when when youre shitting and it splaters on the back of the toilet and looks lik...
Submitted by: Matt 32,514 views 1.00 = Brain Matter Effect, The Star (3 votes)

butt browsing Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
the act of "browsing" or looking around in a crowd rating all the butts.
Submitted by: matt 33,107 views 2.96 = butt browsing Star butt browsing Star butt browsing Star (23 votes)

butt bumpers Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
girls/guys who bump their butts together when they have a dildo in their asswhol...
Submitted by: matt 32,793 views 2.00 = butt bumpers Star butt bumpers Star (9 votes)

buttcheeck bouncer Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
when you bounce a pair of large buttcheecks in your hands
Submitted by: matt 32,778 views 1.00 = buttcheeck bouncer Star (1 vote)

cateye Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
when a turd is sliding down a toilet bowl it looks like a cateye.
Submitted by: matt 32,478 views 2.88 = cateye Star cateye Star cateye Star (8 votes)

Cream Tea Added: 2/27/2004 Noun  
another word for cum/jizz
Submitted by: Matt 2,641 views 3.31 = Cream Tea Star Cream Tea Star Cream Tea Star (13 votes)

Cum Canyon Added: 3/27/2003 Noun  
Filling up a naval with seman then sucking it out
Submitted by: Matt 4,627 views 3.50 = Cum Canyon Star Cum Canyon Star Cum Canyon Star Cum Canyon Star (18 votes)

cum stone forest Added: 3/26/2004 Noun  
What you get if cum gets on a carpet and hardens, is common around the TV, Compu...
Submitted by: Matt 2,428 views 1.00 = cum stone forest Star (1 vote)

cum zit Added: 1/28/2003 Noun  
when a girl gets cum on her face some much that she develops zits
Submitted by: matt 8,978 views 1.45 = cum zit Star (11 votes)

dick faced corncob Added: 1/28/2003 Noun  
some one who makes a dildoe with a left over corncob. Then the person uses the c...
Submitted by: matt 5,086 views 1.00 = dick faced corncob Star (2 votes)

fart finder Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
the person who is always the first one to point out that somebody farted.
Submitted by: matt 32,642 views  

hatchet wound Added: 1/29/2003 Noun  
Submitted by: matt 4,798 views 3.18 = hatchet wound Star hatchet wound Star hatchet wound Star (11 votes)

Hebrew Hammer Added: 2/1/2004 Noun  
A small penis, usually belonging to someone of the jewish faith.
Submitted by: Matt 3,202 views 2.20 = Hebrew Hammer Star Hebrew Hammer Star (5 votes)

horizontal turd Added: 3/26/2004 Noun  
a turd that some how lands in toilet in a way that it lies horizontally over the...
Submitted by: Matt 2,510 views  

Hotcakes and Syrup Added: 10/4/2005 Noun  
the act of rubbing your dick between a girls butt cheeks until blowing your load...
Submitted by: Matt 32,715 views 2.86 = Hotcakes and Syrup Star Hotcakes and Syrup Star Hotcakes and Syrup Star (7 votes)

limp biscut Added: 1/28/2003 Noun  
when more tahn one guy jacks off on to a biscut and the last one that nuts has t...
Submitted by: matt 6,858 views 1.90 = limp biscut Star limp biscut Star (10 votes)

mccluskey crunch Added: 10/23/2003 Noun  
when taking a dump,the clenching of one's ass muscles in order to free oneself f...
Submitted by: matt 3,037 views 2.20 = mccluskey crunch Star mccluskey crunch Star (5 votes)

McCurley, The Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
when you fuck more than 5 girls in one night without using a condom
Submitted by: Matt 32,518 views 4.00 = McCurley, The Star McCurley, The Star McCurley, The Star McCurley, The Star (1 vote)

Mexican Avalanche, The Added: 5/7/2006 Noun  
Making a girl kneel down, at the top step, with her back facing the stairs... ge...
Submitted by: Matt 33,252 views 3.00 = Mexican Avalanche, The Star Mexican Avalanche, The Star Mexican Avalanche, The Star (8 votes)

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nerd Wiper Added: 9/3/2006 Noun  
When you pull out and blow all over a chick who is wearing glasses.
Submitted by: matt 32,655 views 2.50 = nerd Wiper Star nerd Wiper Star nerd Wiper Star (2 votes)

No landing zone Added: 1/1/2006 Noun  
When you are about to make love to a girl but you realise that she either has Ai...
Submitted by: Matt 32,486 views 2.50 = No landing zone Star No landing zone Star No landing zone Star (2 votes)

Nut Chucks Added: 6/16/2005 Noun  
Two or more tied off condoms complete with loads - to be used as weaponry.
Submitted by: Matt 32,743 views 3.20 = Nut Chucks Star Nut Chucks Star Nut Chucks Star (15 votes)

Poodle Shits Added: 6/10/2004 Noun  
Noun A person with filthy and disgusting fetishes that can only be discribed as...
Submitted by: matt 2,465 views 2.15 = Poodle Shits Star Poodle Shits Star (20 votes)

pueblo stock exchange Added: 8/29/2004 Noun  
When one party member is with another, while a third is secretly hiding under th...
Submitted by: Matt 2,611 views 2.00 = pueblo stock exchange Star pueblo stock exchange Star (3 votes)

ram waste Added: 5/2/2003 Noun  
A creamy red brown sludge oozing from an arsehole that has received a very recen...
Submitted by: Matt 4,708 views 2.00 = ram waste Star ram waste Star (3 votes)

red eyed pirate Added: 1/29/2003 Noun  
when you get soap on you pee hole and it stings, and forms a rash around the hol...
Submitted by: matt 5,129 views 2.13 = red eyed pirate Star red eyed pirate Star (8 votes)

Rip-Van-Winkle, The Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
When you bust on a girls eyes while she is asleep. She will awaken in the morni...
Submitted by: Matt 32,459 views 2.00 = Rip-Van-Winkle, The Star Rip-Van-Winkle, The Star (2 votes)

rump ravisher Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
somebody who is known to rip asswholes or make asswholes bleed after anal sex.
Submitted by: matt 32,485 views 3.10 = rump ravisher Star rump ravisher Star rump ravisher Star (10 votes)

Sack Face Added: 1/29/2003 Noun  
someone whose face cheeks look like a nut sack and have a big nose
Submitted by: matt 8,089 views 2.85 = Sack Face Star Sack Face Star Sack Face Star (13 votes)

Screaming Bubblers, The Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
When farts are accompanied with diarreah(also causes the "Brain Matter Effect)
Submitted by: Matt 32,833 views 2.50 = Screaming Bubblers, The Star Screaming Bubblers, The Star Screaming Bubblers, The Star (2 votes)

Seattle Sock job Added: 11/22/2004 Noun  
You shit into a sock and beat the hell out of someone with it
Submitted by: Matt 2,564 views 2.50 = Seattle Sock job Star Seattle Sock job Star Seattle Sock job Star (2 votes)

seattle sockjob Added: 6/16/2005 Noun  
when your having sex you tie your lady up shit in a sock then beat her with it
Submitted by: matt 32,853 views 1.00 = seattle sockjob Star (1 vote)

shilkum cereal Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
When you Shit and Cum into a bowl while having sex and use the females breast mi...
Submitted by: matt 2,270 views 2.50 = shilkum cereal Star shilkum cereal Star shilkum cereal Star (4 votes)

Snoogle Added: 11/4/2005 Verb  
The act of performing oral sex on a turd still exiting the anus.
Submitted by: Matt 32,809 views 3.00 = Snoogle Star Snoogle Star Snoogle Star (3 votes)

Southern Trespass Added: 9/20/2003 Noun  
When you are having vaginal, doggie style sex with a female and you pull out you...
Submitted by: Matt 2,999 views 1.45 = Southern Trespass Star (20 votes)

stinkfist Added: 11/22/2003 Noun  
the aroma that is left on your hand after diddling a woman's nether region.
Submitted by: matt 2,765 views 3.00 = stinkfist Star stinkfist Star stinkfist Star (9 votes)

testy tickler Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
when somebody licks all around your ballsack
Submitted by: matt 32,643 views 3.25 = testy tickler Star testy tickler Star testy tickler Star (16 votes)

tinkledrinker Added: 9/27/2003 Noun  
a person, male or female, who enjoys a warm urine beverage.
Submitted by: matt 2,947 views 2.50 = tinkledrinker Star tinkledrinker Star tinkledrinker Star (2 votes)

titty sex Added: 1/29/2003 Noun  
were you stick your dick in between a girls tits.
Submitted by: matt 5,298 views 2.50 = titty sex Star titty sex Star titty sex Star (2 votes)

Trailer Trash Rash Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
the chaffing rash that follows a clean shaving down below
Submitted by: Matt 2,744 views 3.43 = Trailer Trash Rash Star Trailer Trash Rash Star Trailer Trash Rash Star (21 votes)

Turd mites Added: 9/8/2005 Noun  
The corn in your turds
Submitted by: matt 32,524 views 3.25 = Turd mites Star Turd mites Star Turd mites Star (4 votes)

ugly breaker Added: 3/26/2004 Noun  
1) A good looking guy who enjoys taking the virginity of an ugly chick way more ...
Submitted by: Matt 5,235 views 3.31 = ugly breaker Star ugly breaker Star ugly breaker Star (13 votes)

Vadar Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
A chick's snatch
Submitted by: Matt 5,399 views 2.15 = Vadar Star Vadar Star (13 votes)

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