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Dictionary Search 147 words matched the letter "V"

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V.B.F. Added: 9/8/2005 Noun  
Vagina Blood Fart-When a girl queefs while on her period resulting in blood spat...
Submitted by: Cantine Boy 35,980 views 2.20 = V.B.F. Star V.B.F. Star (5 votes)

Vac Ejac Added: 5/27/2003 Noun  
When you have a fetish about vacuum cleaners, and like to stick your penis in th...
Submitted by: Jon 7,057 views 2.50 = Vac Ejac Star Vac Ejac Star Vac Ejac Star (10 votes)

Vadar Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
A chick's snatch
Submitted by: Matt 6,385 views 2.15 = Vadar Star Vadar Star (13 votes)

vader Added: 2/12/2003 Noun  
the little "V" shape on the underside of your dick, looks like darth vader's hel...
Submitted by: andrew 8,389 views 2.50 = vader Star vader Star vader Star (12 votes)

Vadge Badge Added: 9/23/2003 Noun  
This is your license to dominate a vagina. The act of eating muff with authority...
Submitted by: vincenzo 7,178 views 2.38 = Vadge Badge Star Vadge Badge Star (13 votes)

vag Added: 6/19/2004 Adverb  
a stinky ass vagina
Submitted by: hoersnittles 6,249 views 2.00 = vag Star vag Star (6 votes)

vag crak Added: 1/1/2006 Noun  
a fancy word for vagina
Submitted by: tigger shat 35,890 views 2.50 = vag crak Star vag crak Star vag crak Star (10 votes)

Vag Juice Added: 4/1/2003 Noun  
The natural female lubricant, also known as vaginal discharge.
Submitted by: Annie 7,763 views 2.50 = Vag Juice Star Vag Juice Star Vag Juice Star (10 votes)

Vag Tag Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
N., When a female applies ruby red lipstick to here vagina and then slams here v...
Submitted by: pual 36,062 views 2.25 = Vag Tag Star Vag Tag Star (12 votes)

vag-anal Added: 2/7/2005 Noun  
1.When one has his wang in the pink and his finger(s) in the stink, or vice vers...
Submitted by: Arman 36,202 views 1.33 = vag-anal Star (70 votes)

Vaganus Added: 4/14/2009 Noun  
The unfortunate result of particularly rough child birth where the woman's vagin...
Submitted by: awesome autumn 4,742 views 1.00 = Vaganus Star (3 votes)

Vagasshole Added: 11/24/2002 Noun Click to listen to Vagasshole
On a female, the little strip of skin between her vagina and her asshole.
Submitted by: 8,432 views 2.09 = Vagasshole Star Vagasshole Star (11 votes)

Vagbadger Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
What a womans vagina looks like in the morning after a long night of sex.
Submitted by: Tee3mb 35,884 views 1.50 = Vagbadger Star Vagbadger Star (12 votes)

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Vageline Added: 12/3/2005 Noun  
The vaginal secretion used to lubricate the anus for anal sex.
Submitted by: Sean 36,128 views 2.44 = Vageline Star Vageline Star (16 votes)

Vagenis Added: 10/30/2007 Noun  
1. The genitals of a metrosexual 2. The genitals of a man with very feminine ...
Submitted by: H Bomb 36,425 views 2.91 = Vagenis Star Vagenis Star Vagenis Star (11 votes)

Vagenius Added: 10/14/2004 Adjective  
A expert lesbian
Submitted by: Joey Brunet 7,365 views 2.13 = Vagenius Star Vagenius Star (16 votes)

Vagi Drool Added: 3/12/2006 Noun  
When a girl ejaculates and has a little strand dangling from her vagina.
Submitted by: senor 36,114 views 2.00 = Vagi Drool Star Vagi Drool Star (9 votes)

Vagiant Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
A very very large vagina.
Submitted by: Emily 4,656 views 2.00 = Vagiant Star Vagiant Star (2 votes)

Vagina Blood Fart Added: 8/15/2003 Verb  
The forceful expulsion of bloody vagina secretion
Submitted by: Richie 7,358 views 2.50 = Vagina Blood Fart Star Vagina Blood Fart Star Vagina Blood Fart Star (16 votes)

vagina bum Added: 8/31/2003 Noun  
when a chick is so nasty that u cant tell between her vagina and her ass
Submitted by: p to the jizzle 6,586 views 3.00 = vagina bum Star vagina bum Star vagina bum Star (12 votes)

Vagina Buttmouth Added: 2/24/2005 Noun  
1. When you stick your penis in her vagina, butt, then mouth. 2. When you eat h...
Submitted by: Tyler, Shane, and Evan 36,020 views 2.67 = Vagina Buttmouth Star Vagina Buttmouth Star Vagina Buttmouth Star (9 votes)

vagina cheese Added: 10/29/2004 Noun  
Crust formations on or around a woman's vagina due to lack of hygine.
Submitted by: j-Rad 6,401 views 3.00 = vagina cheese Star vagina cheese Star vagina cheese Star (6 votes)

Vagina Crumb Added: 2/1/2003 Noun  
Is whats left in your pants after not changing them for at least 5 days
Submitted by: Kim Sweeney 12,640 views 2.25 = Vagina Crumb Star Vagina Crumb Star (12 votes)

Vagina Decliner Added: 3/23/2003 Noun  
A male homosexual
Submitted by: Ratty 7,935 views 2.50 = Vagina Decliner Star Vagina Decliner Star Vagina Decliner Star (6 votes)

Vagina Demons Added: 4/14/2009 Noun  
Small, evil creatures that dwell in the caverns of a woman's infested cunt, that...
Submitted by: F-Bom & J-Wig 4,667 views 1.63 = Vagina Demons Star Vagina Demons Star (24 votes)

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