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S.A.D.S. Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
Shitting Anxiety Disorder (a funny knock on SIDS or SARS).
Submitted by: Weirton 6,774 views 2.75 = S.A.D.S. Star S.A.D.S. Star S.A.D.S. Star (12 votes)

S.B.S Added: 10/19/2006 Noun  
Stupid Bitch Syndrome, a commom but temporary medical condition that women suffe...
Submitted by: Joshua Lofland 36,102 views 3.25 = S.B.S Star S.B.S Star S.B.S Star (12 votes)

S.I.M. Added: 8/9/2009 Noun  
Sexually Intense Masterbation
Submitted by: Coewan 4,278 views  

S.O.F.A Added: 3/31/2005 Noun  
Sweater Over Fat Ass - When a women ties a sweater or sweatshirt around their wa...
Submitted by: Kevin Kowalski 36,668 views 3.74 = S.O.F.A Star S.O.F.A Star S.O.F.A Star S.O.F.A Star (68 votes)

saber-tooth crotch crickets Added: 3/3/2005 Noun  
Submitted by: locokitten 36,874 views 3.18 = saber-tooth crotch crickets Star saber-tooth crotch crickets Star saber-tooth crotch crickets Star (11 votes)

sac - stapling Added: 7/9/2003 Noun  
Running after having your nuts stretched and stapled to your calves.
Submitted by: the goat 7,584 views 3.33 = sac - stapling Star sac - stapling Star sac - stapling Star (40 votes)

sac lover Added: 6/27/2003 Noun  
a girl who is fanatically obsessed with nibbling on your nuts.
Submitted by: mike williams 7,746 views 2.67 = sac lover Star sac lover Star sac lover Star (12 votes)

sac music Added: 4/27/2004 Noun  
the sound of balls slapping against your partners ass
Submitted by: GoKings 6,875 views 2.08 = sac music Star sac music Star (13 votes)

Sac Snaggler Added: 8/3/2006 Noun  
When a girl is sucking your balls and a peice of your ballsac gets stuck in her ...
Submitted by: Kyle Waters 36,603 views 2.71 = Sac Snaggler Star Sac Snaggler Star Sac Snaggler Star (7 votes)

Saccone Slammer Added: 7/26/2004 Noun  
(n) When you put salt around the rim of a girl's asshole, pour in a shot of teq...
Submitted by: Sars 7,512 views 1.82 = Saccone Slammer Star Saccone Slammer Star (11 votes)

Sac-happy Added: 6/10/2003 Noun  
Someone who has a fondness for fondling balls is said to be sac-happy
Submitted by: Jerry 7,074 views 1.34 = Sac-happy Star (38 votes)

Sack Bend Added: 10/13/2003 Noun  
the wrinkles in your nuts
Submitted by: Jim Dugan 6,672 views 2.82 = Sack Bend Star Sack Bend Star Sack Bend Star (11 votes)

sack clap Added: 4/10/2007 Noun  
When a guy shakes his ass sooo hard that his sack wacks against his ass making a...
Submitted by: glen perini 36,455 views 2.25 = sack clap Star sack clap Star (12 votes)

Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

Sack Face Added: 1/29/2003 Noun  
someone whose face cheeks look like a nut sack and have a big nose
Submitted by: matt 9,089 views 2.85 = Sack Face Star Sack Face Star Sack Face Star (13 votes)

Sack Jelly Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
A woman (or guy) who doesn't immediately swallow, but licks up the 'cooled off' ...
Submitted by: druT 6,644 views 1.93 = Sack Jelly Star Sack Jelly Star (14 votes)

Sack Jive Added: 2/16/2003 Noun  
1.)Standard phrases used when fornicating,i.e., "I love you","You were the best ...
Submitted by: Haywood Jablome 8,252 views 2.50 = Sack Jive Star Sack Jive Star Sack Jive Star (16 votes)

Sack job Added: 4/5/2003 Noun  
when a girl sucks on your balls
Submitted by: The Jew 8,192 views 3.16 = Sack job Star Sack job Star Sack job Star (32 votes)

Sack Lunch Added: 3/6/2003 Noun  
were You shit in a bag (paper)and then you give it to some one you do not like
Submitted by: Big Mark 10,547 views 2.00 = Sack Lunch Star Sack Lunch Star (15 votes)

Sack Pinch Added: 7/1/2004 Noun  
When your jeans can pinch your nuts, this can be caused by a variety of things, ...
Submitted by: Johnny 6,434 views 2.38 = Sack Pinch Star Sack Pinch Star (13 votes)

Sack Raptor Added: 12/6/2004 Noun  
When you grab the side of your sack when it's really loose, and pull it as far o...
Submitted by: T_Unit 6,931 views 3.48 = Sack Raptor Star Sack Raptor Star Sack Raptor Star (29 votes)

sack scorcher Added: 1/30/2004 Noun  
A fart which, due to its high temperature, singes the fur off the back of one's ...
Submitted by: catfish 7,092 views 2.29 = sack scorcher Star sack scorcher Star (14 votes)

Sack Slapper Added: 4/10/2007 Noun  
A turd so long that when it's pinched off it slaps the back of your balls.
Submitted by: Rats S 36,106 views 2.20 = Sack Slapper Star Sack Slapper Star (10 votes)

Sack slot Added: 9/20/2003 Noun  
the parting beyween the testicles.
Submitted by: poo-oid 6,521 views 1.79 = Sack slot Star Sack slot Star (19 votes)

Sack sludge Added: 7/14/2003 Noun  
the crusty cum-lining on that old gym sock you've been jacking off in for years
Submitted by: pornholio 6,861 views 2.33 = Sack sludge Star Sack sludge Star (15 votes)

Sack smoker Added: 2/13/2003 Noun  
some one who loves to suck on the sack more than the shaft
Submitted by: bj 7,785 views 1.75 = Sack smoker Star Sack smoker Star (24 votes)

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