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A Pogo With Ketchup Added: 10/27/2003 Noun Click to listen to A Pogo With Ketchup
A bloody shit log that usually burns the hell out of your sphincter.
Submitted by: JJ Spunk 32,953 views 2.27 = A Pogo With Ketchup Star A Pogo With Ketchup Star (15 votes)

A- Section Added: 1/28/2007 Noun  
When the mother cannot push the baby out of the vagina so it must be born anally
Submitted by: Chris M 36,585 views 2.33 = A- Section Star A- Section Star (18 votes)

A Whippy with a Flake Added: 7/14/2005 Noun  
1 girl, 10 guys. The first 9 guys come on her face, making her look like "Mr. Wh...
Submitted by: C Mac 38,681 views 1.21 = A Whippy with a Flake Star (80 votes)

A.B.C Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
a males taint also knowns as your ass-ball-connection. (A.B.C)
Submitted by: chris 4,738 views 2.00 = A.B.C Star A.B.C Star (2 votes)

A.M Added: 8/9/2009 Noun  
A.M is a girl who you keep to the side. You only bang this chick and never have ...
Submitted by: Ahmad- 5,475 views 3.00 = A.M Star A.M Star A.M Star (13 votes)

A.S. (artificial sex) Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
said of any kind of sexual stimulation involving any kind electric device and ma...
Submitted by: Psytheriatsunami 36,613 views 2.80 = A.S. (artificial sex) Star A.S. (artificial sex) Star A.S. (artificial sex) Star (10 votes)

A.T.F (Afraid To Fart) Added: 3/23/2003 Noun Click to listen to A.T.F (Afraid To Fart)
A condition where you feel the need to fart but fear you might poop your pants.
Submitted by: Maggie 22,634 views 1.94 = A.T.F (Afraid To Fart) Star A.T.F (Afraid To Fart) Star (35 votes)

A.T.F. Added: 2/26/2009 Noun  
Ass To Face, similar to its A.T.M. cousin
Submitted by: SDRotary 5,240 views 2.85 = A.T.F. Star A.T.F. Star A.T.F. Star (13 votes)

A.T.F. ( Anal Tit Fucking ) Added: 5/7/2006 Noun  
When you buttfuck your girl, then pull out and tit fuck her, leaving a shit trai...
Submitted by: Scott Hillman 37,251 views 1.83 = A.T.F. ( Anal Tit Fucking ) Star A.T.F. ( Anal Tit Fucking ) Star (18 votes)

AAA Added: 11/15/2004 Noun  
An acronym for Always (up for) Anal Action.
Submitted by: David B 16,368 views 3.36 = AAA Star AAA Star AAA Star (138 votes)

aardvark Added: 6/6/2003 Noun Click to listen to aardvark
another term to describe an uncircumcised penis.
Submitted by: wizzy 23,221 views 2.60 = aardvark Star aardvark Star aardvark Star (15 votes)

abandon ship Added: 2/10/2003 Verb Click to listen to abandon ship
when you're about to cum 1 or 2 minutes into sex, and you must pull out your coc...
Submitted by: CumDumpster 30,598 views 2.25 = abandon ship Star abandon ship Star (12 votes)

Abignale, The Added: 8/29/2004 Noun  
This fine move occurs when your about to blow your load up a chick's ass. Using...
Submitted by: Johnny 15,495 views 1.70 = Abignale, The Star Abignale, The Star (10 votes)

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Abraham Lincoln Added: 1/28/2003 Noun Click to listen to Abraham Lincoln
You cum on a girls chin, and put your loose pubic hair in it like glue.
Submitted by: jpstacey 47,835 views 2.15 = Abraham Lincoln Star Abraham Lincoln Star (13 votes)

Abundance of sausage Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
A room filled with an overwhelming majority of males!
Submitted by: Dave 36,336 views 3.10 = Abundance of sausage Star Abundance of sausage Star Abundance of sausage Star (10 votes)

AC Slatering Added: 8/11/2007 Noun  
AC Slatering is when you take a dump facing backwards on the toilet, just how on...
Submitted by: Xavier 37,943 views 2.91 = AC Slatering Star AC Slatering Star AC Slatering Star (11 votes)

Acapulco Bandito, The Added: 10/19/2006 Noun  
Approach a virgin stealthily from behind, knock her unconscious, steal her virgi...
Submitted by: C.C.F.G 39,933 views 1.32 = Acapulco Bandito, The Star (37 votes)

accidental solid Added: 8/18/2003 Noun  
when you fart and you accidently shoot out little pices of shit.
Submitted by: CTS 19,646 views 2.41 = accidental solid Star accidental solid Star (17 votes)

Accidental Tourist Added: 4/23/2006 Noun  
While getting a Baltimore Blowfish,you fart and by accident crap in someones mou...
Submitted by: AQI 37,467 views 1.60 = Accidental Tourist Star Accidental Tourist Star (10 votes)

Accidental tourist, The Added: 4/22/2007 Noun  
When one gets too drunk and runs into the bathroom to puke and stumbles, and the...
Submitted by: SAC 37,319 views 1.24 = Accidental tourist, The Star (86 votes)

Accordian Added: 10/27/2007 Noun  
When you're too drunk to get an erection but you manage to get the tip in and st...
Submitted by: Joby 37,494 views 1.67 = Accordian Star Accordian Star (9 votes)

Accountant, The Added: 11/15/2003 Noun  
A bathroom visit before a professional meeting.
Submitted by: ScrantonMike 19,488 views 1.47 = Accountant, The Star (19 votes)

Ace in the Hole Added: 10/3/2003 Noun Click to listen to Ace in the Hole
Ace stands for Accidental Cock Entry... When your cock accidentally enters an ...
Submitted by: Dixen Cider 23,446 views 2.59 = Ace in the Hole Star Ace in the Hole Star Ace in the Hole Star (17 votes)

Achey Stanley,The Added: 10/4/2005 Noun  
when you stand over a girl who is face down and ass up and you bend your dong do...
Submitted by: Dimitri Holmes 37,228 views 2.00 = Achey Stanley,The Star Achey Stanley,The Star (15 votes)

achy candle Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
penis after a long night of beating off
Submitted by: huh 36,241 views 3.00 = achy candle Star achy candle Star achy candle Star (12 votes)

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