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Q-tipshit Added: 6/18/2003 Noun  
A Q-tip covered in feces after having just cleansed the ridges of one's anus.
Submitted by: Rustler 9,079 views 2.88 = Q-tipshit Star Q-tipshit Star Q-tipshit Star (8 votes)

Quadriboob Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
Condition which occurs when too small of a bra size is worn, effectively dissect...
Submitted by: gg 6,606 views 1.47 = Quadriboob Star (19 votes)

Quadruple Wy-Pass (Quadruple Wipe-ass) Added: 9/15/2003 Noun  
A messy dump which requires four times as much wiping to clean up. Usually occur...
Submitted by: dz2003 7,034 views 2.13 = Quadruple Wy-Pass (Quadruple Wipe-ass) Star Quadruple Wy-Pass (Quadruple Wipe-ass) Star (8 votes)

quag Added: 11/24/2002 Noun Click to listen to quag
pronounced kwaag (rhymes with bag) spitting after dredging up mucus
Submitted by: 8,118 views 1.90 = quag Star quag Star (10 votes)

Quail Hunter Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
When you and your friend are tag teaming a girl, you pull out to blow your load ...
Submitted by: Rich 36,754 views 3.00 = Quail Hunter Star Quail Hunter Star Quail Hunter Star (12 votes)

Quail Party Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
a party which is crawling with tiny, cute, and easily impressionable(and therefo...
Submitted by: M. Kaptain Bluejaye, MKB 36,135 views 2.71 = Quail Party Star Quail Party Star Quail Party Star (14 votes)

Quantum Leap Added: 4/13/2005 Noun  
You put one hand in the girls' pussy the other in her ass. next you grab a handf...
Submitted by: Vlade 36,493 views 1.67 = Quantum Leap Star Quantum Leap Star (9 votes)

Quarf Added: 7/24/2004 Noun  
A dick fart. Similar to a queef but for a guy. Also known as "buffcoat".
Submitted by: Torrance G 7,160 views 2.64 = Quarf Star Quarf Star Quarf Star (11 votes)

quarterback thumb-wrestling Added: 12/10/2004 Noun  
When you double fist a girl, stand like a quarterback under his center (one in t...
Submitted by: Portsmouth 6,675 views 1.82 = quarterback thumb-wrestling Star quarterback thumb-wrestling Star (11 votes)

Quatrochi Added: 4/20/2014 Adverb  
When four homosexual men sit in a circle, spit on each other's cock, then engage...
Submitted by: Ned 4,292 views 2.00 = Quatrochi Star Quatrochi Star (5 votes)

Queef Added: 11/24/2002 Noun Click to listen to Queef
A fart from a girl's vagina, usually a result of air being inserted into the vag...
Submitted by: 27,388 views 2.67 = Queef Star Queef Star Queef Star (27 votes)

queef bingo Added: 11/8/2003 Noun  
The act of telling "bingo" any time you hear or feel a pussy fart.
Submitted by: Panblanco 8,159 views 2.13 = queef bingo Star queef bingo Star (8 votes)

Queef Cheese Added: 8/9/2009 Noun  
The stuff that comes out of a girls vag when she just got it hard and let's one ...
Submitted by: Chelsea 4,698 views 2.00 = Queef Cheese Star Queef Cheese Star (1 vote)

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Queef Huffer Added: 2/23/2004 Noun  
Someone who enjoys smelling the air emitted from a freshly pumped vagina.
Submitted by: Eddie 9,796 views 3.13 = Queef Huffer Star Queef Huffer Star Queef Huffer Star (24 votes)

queef party Added: 11/25/2003 Noun  
where a group of girls get together naked and pull their legs up above their hea...
Submitted by: Missy 8,404 views 2.11 = queef party Star queef party Star (19 votes)

Queef Sniffer Added: 1/9/2003 Noun  
Someone who likes to sniff farts that come out of a pussy
Submitted by: Jester 10,839 views 2.50 = Queef Sniffer Star Queef Sniffer Star Queef Sniffer Star (6 votes)

Queef Squeezer Added: 12/3/2005 Noun  
when a chick holds her legs together really tight and queefs
Submitted by: nday Rockmanba 36,088 views 3.10 = Queef Squeezer Star Queef Squeezer Star Queef Squeezer Star (10 votes)

Queen Bee Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
Dipping one's balls in honey then proceding to slap,and or place, said balls on ...
Submitted by: David Carrigan 4,282 views 3.00 = Queen Bee Star Queen Bee Star Queen Bee Star (4 votes)

Queer Bait Added: 4/10/2003 Noun  
a straight guy who gays are constantly hitting on because they think he is gay.
Submitted by: Ben Dover 8,560 views 3.57 = Queer Bait Star Queer Bait Star Queer Bait Star Queer Bait Star (83 votes)

Queer Beer Added: 3/27/2007 Noun  
A "Light " Beer. Or non-alchoholic Beverages.
Submitted by: Bob McTimmy 35,979 views 1.46 = Queer Beer Star (13 votes)

Queer for my Gear Added: 9/23/2004 Noun  
When a guy stares at you and you wonder if he has the hots for you.
Submitted by: Billy 6,298 views 2.20 = Queer for my Gear Star Queer for my Gear Star (5 votes)

Queer Gear Added: 6/20/2003 Noun  
The type of clothing that homosexuals like to wear.
Submitted by: Andrew 6,516 views 2.13 = Queer Gear Star Queer Gear Star (8 votes)

Queer of the Year Added: 10/9/2004 Noun  
One who takes it up the ass so much there is an award ceremony just for him.
Submitted by: Mister Douche 6,308 views 2.09 = Queer of the Year Star Queer of the Year Star (11 votes)

Queer-Gear Added: 5/19/2003 Noun  
When you see a homosexual male wearing the most flaming gay paraphinalia you've ...
Submitted by: BERTO 8,760 views 3.63 = Queer-Gear Star Queer-Gear Star Queer-Gear Star Queer-Gear Star (98 votes)

quelch Added: 4/13/2004 Noun  
after pumping a chick with cum she runs to the toilet and lets it drip out. The ...
Submitted by: keegalino 7,186 views 2.38 = quelch Star quelch Star (13 votes)

Showing 1-25 of 46 [ Last 21 >> ]

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