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T.H.'er Added: 7/20/2004 Noun  
Someone who tries excessively to impress or woo a member of the opposite sex so ...
Submitted by: Gabe Fanelle 6,354 views 1.39 = T.H.'er Star (46 votes)

T.N.T. Added: 10/1/2003 Noun  
Two Nifty Tits
Submitted by: Ren 7,167 views 1.56 = T.N.T. Star T.N.T. Star (43 votes)

T.T.C Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
Turd touchin cotton
Submitted by: Double D 6,550 views 2.09 = T.T.C Star T.T.C Star (11 votes)

T.U.B.E. Added: 4/27/2004 Noun  
Totally unnecessary breast exam.
Submitted by: J 6,967 views 2.50 = T.U.B.E. Star T.U.B.E. Star T.U.B.E. Star (8 votes)

Tabasco Farts Added: 11/25/2005 Noun  
The farts that are emitting prior to a very loose crap or liquid shit
Submitted by: Ian 36,841 views 2.64 = Tabasco Farts Star Tabasco Farts Star Tabasco Farts Star (11 votes)

Taco Bag Added: 5/29/2003 Noun  
When your having sex with a girl, and you ejaculate so hard that the condom, ful...
Submitted by: idonotmind 9,602 views 1.80 = Taco Bag Star Taco Bag Star (15 votes)

Taco Crease Added: 9/20/2003 Noun  
the vagina
Submitted by: poo-oid 7,228 views 2.50 = Taco Crease Star Taco Crease Star Taco Crease Star (20 votes)

Taco Fold Added: 5/4/2003 Noun  
When you're screwing a fat lady and she has an orgasm, then folds up like a taco...
Submitted by: badmilk 8,289 views 2.50 = Taco Fold Star Taco Fold Star Taco Fold Star (12 votes)

Taco Grinder Added: 3/12/2006 Noun  
when you slap a girl's pussy lips back and forth repeatedly with your dick.
Submitted by: senor 36,352 views 1.67 = Taco Grinder Star Taco Grinder Star (9 votes)

Taco Particles Added: 8/4/2005 Noun  
occurs when a chick doesn't thouroughly clean her vag. usually white and chunky...
Submitted by: CcLady 36,580 views 2.64 = Taco Particles Star Taco Particles Star Taco Particles Star (11 votes)

Taco Popper Added: 2/22/2003 Noun  
one who takes the virginity of a Latina
Submitted by: assface 8,813 views 2.50 = Taco Popper Star Taco Popper Star Taco Popper Star (14 votes)

Taco rod Added: 8/20/2003 Noun  
part of a male genitelia
Submitted by: Juan 6,931 views 3.00 = Taco rod Star Taco rod Star Taco rod Star (12 votes)

Taco slop Added: 11/4/2005 Noun  
The cum that drips out of a vagina post-coitus
Submitted by: Agent Daring 36,230 views 2.90 = Taco slop Star Taco slop Star Taco slop Star (10 votes)

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Taco sludge Added: 7/31/2004 Noun  
Cum that dribbles out of her pussy.
Submitted by: babymidas 6,405 views 1.60 = Taco sludge Star Taco sludge Star (10 votes)

Taco Titties Added: 10/30/2005 Adjective  
Titties that have become flat and just lay against the chest. They have to be he...
Submitted by: Fernando 36,355 views 2.22 = Taco Titties Star Taco Titties Star (9 votes)

Taco Topping Added: 3/3/2005 Noun  
Sneezing while giving a girl head.
Submitted by: Damian 36,110 views 2.00 = Taco Topping Star Taco Topping Star (6 votes)

Taco Toucher Added: 8/15/2009 Noun  
A woman who engages in mutually exclusive manual stimulation with another female...
Submitted by: Bridget Sage 4,898 views  

Tacoma Narrows Added: 10/25/2003 Noun  
When two morbidly obese individuals are thrusting and pumping doggedly, unable t...
Submitted by: Fournication 7,491 views 2.00 = Tacoma Narrows Star Tacoma Narrows Star (9 votes)

Tacoma Waterfall, The Added: 1/30/2006 Noun  
when you piss in her ass (AKA 'THE GOLDEN ENEMA') and then shen squirts it all o...
Submitted by: rick davis 36,285 views 2.20 = Tacoma Waterfall, The Star Tacoma Waterfall, The Star (5 votes)

tactical turd Added: 1/30/2003 Noun  
when you push really hard to have a fart but you relize it is crap when it is to...
Submitted by: david juniper 8,770 views 2.11 = tactical turd Star tactical turd Star (9 votes)

Tad Dube Added: 6/2/2003 Noun  
When you jizz in a girl's ass, lube a pen up it, and stick a bucket to the end o...
Submitted by: Nano Goodrich 8,209 views 1.90 = Tad Dube Star Tad Dube Star (10 votes)

Tadpole Chowder Added: 8/4/2005 Noun  
A wad of semen
Submitted by: Flash 36,589 views 1.43 = Tadpole Chowder Star (7 votes)

Tadpole Eye Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
When you misjudge the force of your ejaculation during masturbation. The end res...
Submitted by: Joker, M. D. 7,588 views 2.13 = Tadpole Eye Star Tadpole Eye Star (8 votes)

Tadpoles Added: 11/25/2005 Noun  
After punching the clown and leaving your cum in the toilet where they resemble ...
Submitted by: Steve 36,322 views 1.19 = Tadpoles Star (32 votes)

Taffy Pull Added: 11/18/2004 Noun  
While performing oral sex on a female, one sucks the outer labia into ones mouth...
Submitted by: Eric 7,267 views 2.13 = Taffy Pull Star Taffy Pull Star (23 votes)

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