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The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community

Kaboobles Added: 3/28/2004 Noun  
It means that some guy has totally huge boobs.
Submitted by: Samantha 4,935 views 3.33 = Kaboobles Star Kaboobles Star Kaboobles Star (24 votes)

kabrewster Added: 3/27/2005 Noun  
you get a girl to suck you off, make her chug a beer as an intermission, then sh...
Submitted by: tony gallagher 34,555 views 1.38 = kabrewster Star (16 votes)

Ka-Bush Added: 11/18/2004 Noun  
The Region of the vagina between the kaboose and the Bush
Submitted by: Dara 4,361 views 3.14 = Ka-Bush Star Ka-Bush Star Ka-Bush Star (7 votes)

kakenballs Added: 11/27/2002 Noun Click to listen to kakenballs
penis & testies
Submitted by: 6,125 views 3.10 = kakenballs Star kakenballs Star kakenballs Star (10 votes)

KakenSlapped Added: 12/5/2002 Noun Click to listen to KakenSlapped
When someone slaps their dick across your face
Submitted by: Plant 5,782 views 3.10 = KakenSlapped Star KakenSlapped Star KakenSlapped Star (10 votes)

Kalli Reach Around, The Added: 6/21/2006 Noun  
When your girlfriend's sister tickles your genitals from the back seat of your c...
Submitted by: Mike 34,756 views 3.69 = Kalli Reach Around, The Star Kalli Reach Around, The Star Kalli Reach Around, The Star Kalli Reach Around, The Star (39 votes)

Kaluha Mudslide Surprise, The Added: 11/13/2003 Noun  
When a girl is eating out your asshole and you shit in her face and yell "Surpri...
Submitted by: Chadwick 5,576 views 3.36 = Kaluha Mudslide Surprise, The Star Kaluha Mudslide Surprise, The Star Kaluha Mudslide Surprise, The Star (33 votes)

Kamikaze Added: 12/13/2004 Noun  
Whilst taking a girl from behind, you slide your hands inside of hers and sweep ...
Submitted by: J Face 6,076 views 2.75 = Kamikaze Star Kamikaze Star Kamikaze Star (12 votes)

Kamikaze, The Added: 6/1/2006 Noun  
When you know she has an STD but you can't help but screw her.
Submitted by: John 34,292 views 1.46 = Kamikaze, The Star (13 votes)

kamoto dragon Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
When you are just about to cum, and you push the the girl's (or guy's) head into...
Submitted by: dwill126 34,621 views 2.20 = kamoto dragon Star kamoto dragon Star (5 votes)

Kansas City Baked Goods Added: 11/15/2004 Noun  
Jerking off into any kind of dough, be it cookie, bread, or other, baking said d...
Submitted by: MToo 5,107 views 2.17 = Kansas City Baked Goods Star Kansas City Baked Goods Star (18 votes)

Kansas City Cum-Bustion Added: 12/16/2006 Noun  
The end result of throwing the full, used condom on the face of your partner aft...
Submitted by: Ron Helm 34,255 views 3.06 = Kansas City Cum-Bustion Star Kansas City Cum-Bustion Star Kansas City Cum-Bustion Star (16 votes)

Kansas City Gas Chamber, The Added: 10/5/2004 Noun  
To apply your ass cheeks over a girl's partially open lips, and fart.
Submitted by: Samson Turnip 4,995 views 2.75 = Kansas City Gas Chamber, The Star Kansas City Gas Chamber, The Star Kansas City Gas Chamber, The Star (12 votes)

Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

Kansas One Step Added: 1/29/2007 Noun  
After stepping in a pile of shit using the curb to try to scrape it off
Submitted by: Tombo 34,471 views 1.60 = Kansas One Step Star Kansas One Step Star (10 votes)

Kansas Salad Surprise Added: 6/16/2005 Noun  
where a girl is completely doused in thousand Island dressing and three migets p...
Submitted by: Kennbo 34,267 views 2.36 = Kansas Salad Surprise Star Kansas Salad Surprise Star (11 votes)

Kazif Added: 1/1/2006 Noun  
The raised line between the right and left sides of your ballsac.
Submitted by: Honore De Ballsac 34,157 views 3.31 = Kazif Star Kazif Star Kazif Star (39 votes)

Kazoo Added: 8/13/2003 Noun  
When a girl puts your whole package in her mouth, balls'n'all, and sucks with al...
Submitted by: C Mac 5,320 views 2.75 = Kazoo Star Kazoo Star Kazoo Star (12 votes)

Keep the Change Added: 5/12/2005 Noun  
When your condom breaks but you dont tell your girlfriend.
Submitted by: Jacy 34,063 views 2.83 = Keep the Change Star Keep the Change Star Keep the Change Star (18 votes)

Keeping a Secret Added: 6/10/2004 Verb  
When you tuck your dick in when you take a dump because your dick is too small t...
Submitted by: jorge consuelo 4,798 views 2.50 = Keeping a Secret Star Keeping a Secret Star Keeping a Secret Star (16 votes)

Keester Bunny Added: 10/4/2005 Noun  
Shoving something up one ass (or another ass) and then having that person carry ...
Submitted by: Philth 34,180 views 2.00 = Keester Bunny Star Keester Bunny Star (8 votes)

keester cakes Added: 6/13/2003 Noun  
Large peices of poo that have just left your butt and need to be flushed right a...
Submitted by: silly pants 4,925 views 1.86 = keester cakes Star keester cakes Star (14 votes)

Keg Ass Added: 6/15/2004 Noun  
Any woman who has a Fat Ass. (KEG ASS)
Submitted by: Eddie 24/7 4,321 views 1.32 = Keg Ass Star (19 votes)

Keg Stand Dick Stand (KSDS) Added: 3/4/2009 Noun  
Getting your dick sucked while doing a keg stand.
Submitted by: judas 3,280 views 2.27 = Keg Stand Dick Stand (KSDS) Star Keg Stand Dick Stand (KSDS) Star (15 votes)

Kegel Crusher Added: 6/26/2004 Noun  
When you excercise your PC (vagina) muscles, it's called Kegel excercises. When ...
Submitted by: QueenK44 4,615 views 1.64 = Kegel Crusher Star Kegel Crusher Star (11 votes)

Ken Doll Added: 5/22/2010 Noun  
A stupid Penis trick. You stretch your ball sack over your package so you sport...
Submitted by: Rumped Foreskin 2,482 views 2.57 = Ken Doll Star Ken Doll Star Ken Doll Star (7 votes)

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