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J Hook Added: 10/19/2003 Noun  
A long dump that curves at any point to fit the bowl.
Submitted by: Bob Pigment 6,778 views 1.55 = J Hook Star J Hook Star (11 votes)

j.o.t. Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
jack off tissue
Submitted by: barfencheze 4,140 views 2.30 = j.o.t. Star j.o.t. Star (10 votes)

Jabba the Slut Added: 3/10/2005 Noun  
when alot of guys eat at a buffet, then all poo in the same stall, so that there...
Submitted by: Jared Devich 36,320 views 2.20 = Jabba the Slut Star Jabba the Slut Star (5 votes)

jabber-jaws Added: 3/4/2009 Noun  
Girl who sucks a lot of dick
Submitted by: Cory Thomas 4,701 views 2.38 = jabber-jaws Star jabber-jaws Star (13 votes)

Jablonski Added: 7/30/2004 Noun  
When you approach someone sleeping and smack them upside the head with your dick...
Submitted by: SneakyGasser 7,605 views 1.50 = Jablonski Star Jablonski Star (12 votes)

Jack Baller Added: 8/11/2009 Noun  
when a girl is so ugly that it takes you 24 hours to nut
Submitted by: Fro and Worm 4,926 views 3.13 = Jack Baller Star Jack Baller Star Jack Baller Star (8 votes)

jack balling Added: 1/25/2004 Verb  
When your wanking off and rubbing your nuts at the same time.
Submitted by: Bush Banger 6,639 views 2.00 = jack balling Star jack balling Star (6 votes)

jack in the box Added: 2/2/2003 Verb  
to cum inside (usually a vagina)
Submitted by: Bill 9,170 views 2.32 = jack in the box Star jack in the box Star (22 votes)

jack in the butt Added: 6/30/2004 Noun  
like a pearl harbor, you convince a chick to let you tie her up doggy style by p...
Submitted by: manuel 6,997 views 1.46 = jack in the butt Star (13 votes)

Jackhammer Added: 5/31/2003 Noun  
A girl with the reputation of giving a lot of hand jobs. Can be used as a nickn...
Submitted by: BdS 7,820 views 3.34 = Jackhammer Star Jackhammer Star Jackhammer Star (118 votes)

Jackpot Added: 4/10/2003 Noun  
When a girl or guy is eating out a man's asshole and reaches under him and grabs...
Submitted by: Shobby Boff 8,305 views 3.33 = Jackpot Star Jackpot Star Jackpot Star (18 votes)

Jacksock Added: 1/28/2007 Noun  
A solo sock that has been used for the purpose of cleaning up whack spills, usu...
Submitted by: Crazyj 36,372 views 1.36 = Jacksock Star (14 votes)

jackson hole Added: 1/6/2004 Noun  
while skiing or snowboarding your wet gloves freeze becoming cold and hard, imme...
Submitted by: kurtharland 7,188 views 2.80 = jackson hole Star jackson hole Star jackson hole Star (5 votes)

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Jacksonville Jackhammer Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
Intercourse involving the female lying on her shoulders while the male pounds he...
Submitted by: Deuce 36,598 views 3.18 = Jacksonville Jackhammer Star Jacksonville Jackhammer Star Jacksonville Jackhammer Star (11 votes)

Jacksonville Sleight-of-Memory-Card Added: 3/9/2006 Noun  
Step 1: Get a chick to blow you. Step 2: Compliment her technique profusely. S...
Submitted by: Ajax 36,345 views 2.50 = Jacksonville Sleight-of-Memory-Card Star Jacksonville Sleight-of-Memory-Card Star Jacksonville Sleight-of-Memory-Card Star (10 votes)

jade sword Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
basically a word they used to call a dick when talking about foot binding and ho...
Submitted by: jeremie 36,512 views 1.60 = jade sword Star jade sword Star (10 votes)

Jaggin' it Added: 1/18/2003 Verb  
To choke one's chicken, see also "Beefin it"
Submitted by: A. Stoner 7,635 views 2.60 = Jaggin' it Star Jaggin' it Star Jaggin' it Star (10 votes)

jail baby Added: 12/29/2004 Noun  
After having homosexual intercourse, the mixture of lube and semen that drips of...
Submitted by: dan 6,555 views 2.00 = jail baby Star jail baby Star (20 votes)

Jail Bate Added: 6/29/2003 Noun  
a girl who is too young to have sex but looks about 20 and sleeping with her wil...
Submitted by: dean conway 7,588 views 2.00 = Jail Bate Star Jail Bate Star (13 votes)

jalepeno heater Added: 8/11/2007 Noun  
wait until a girl passes out and stick an open bottle of tabasco in her ass and ...
Submitted by: DR. Poop 37,118 views 2.71 = jalepeno heater Star jalepeno heater Star jalepeno heater Star (14 votes)

Jamacain Lip Buster Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
When your eating a girl out, and she starts having an organsim, she then busts h...
Submitted by: 50 Spence 36,718 views 2.45 = Jamacain Lip Buster Star Jamacain Lip Buster Star (11 votes)

Jamaican Bobsled Added: 2/15/2005 Noun  
While taking your girl from behind at the top of the stairs, knock her arms out ...
Submitted by: Beat 36,418 views 1.29 = Jamaican Bobsled Star (17 votes)

Jamaican Hot Plate Added: 1/2/2004 Noun  
When you defacate on a girls chest, right before giving her a Chili Dog
Submitted by: basik19 8,103 views 2.67 = Jamaican Hot Plate Star Jamaican Hot Plate Star Jamaican Hot Plate Star (12 votes)

James Bond Added: 4/2/2003 Noun  
when you are doing a girl and you have a friend hiding in the closet and you swi...
Submitted by: C.A.D. 2 9,000 views 3.24 = James Bond Star James Bond Star James Bond Star (17 votes)

Jamiacan sunrise Added: 5/15/2007 Noun  
As a girl awakes you blow your load in her face and scream good morning.
Submitted by: Josh Bloominkranz 36,576 views 1.36 = Jamiacan sunrise Star (14 votes)

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