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By SDM9570 from wv Comment posted: 11/28/2006
Finally i see somthing funny on this site.   Reply

By c for cunt from bell end star Comment posted: 6/10/2006
thats what cunts usually call it its also called a 'bunt job' and an 'atomic bomb'   Reply

By Chris from Buffalo NY Comment posted: 2/1/2006
I'd prefer getting one from her in the privacy of my own bathroom but a men's room is a great idea.   Reply

By TeddyJackEddie Comment posted: 12/20/2005

By Billy D Comment posted: 12/19/2005
my words are better.   Reply

By jim nickels from downtown Comment posted: 10/21/2005
this word is so old that the moss on it is fossilized.   Reply

By Ron from Canada Comment posted: 10/9/2005
Sounds like this Joan Divoky broad would give an incredible Blumpkin?   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 9/17/2005
WTF does this word have to do with a Hot Carl?   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 9/8/2005
thats called a hot carl   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 8/20/2005
Dan, the definition is gender neutral; only the example used a girl, so you can use the word with your male buddies. However I prefer a chick, so I agree with the dude down below who said that Joan Divoky chick would be a great choice to have kneeling between your legs giving a blumpkin   Reply

By Dan Hamik from New York Comment posted: 7/28/2005
I am a guy and I like giving guys blumpkins. Should this have another term since in the definition it says a girl gives a blumpkin?   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 7/20/2005
ewwwwww   Reply

By Pondering Gary from Mind Comment posted: 7/18/2005
What if she sucks so hard the negative pressure holds the poop in? Is that still called a blumpkin?   Reply

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By Unknown Comment posted: 7/7/2005
Hey Mark, I guess Craptory wasn't above this one for long, because it's now 196 words BELOW it at #2 on the Worst list!!!   Reply

By Mark Comment posted: 7/4/2005
its odd my word is above this one. this word sucks   Reply

By brian gallivan from point lookout ny Comment posted: 6/12/2005
I am a faggot   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 6/6/2005
Odd that this word has no author.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/27/2005
Hey Lyle, it's working! I get a boner reading about that "Joan Divoky."   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 4/26/2005
Good work on using the term "laying cable", quite a classic! BAD job, however, in using yet another reference to "joan". Shame on you. Heh, what If I was to tell you dopes that this fictional "Joan Divorky" character was in fact ME trying to make all you little bastards wrythe in your beds each morning with glass rods in hopes of scoring with your art teacher after class? Food for thought anyway...   Reply

By Unknown from usa Comment posted: 4/25/2005
A true classic, having an attractive chick (like that Joan) kneeling between a guy's legs giving head, while he's laying cable!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 2/1/2005
I would like to get a Blumpkin from that Joan in Cleveland!   Reply

By Joe from Daytona beach Comment posted: 9/28/2004
my friends band made a song about this. I want a blumpkin. Really funny. If you can find it its by Old School 2000.   Reply

By Happy Jack from GA Comment posted: 12/23/2003
Classic....I heard this was started by Gene Simmons........So do you get wood now when you have to lay cable?   Reply

By ... Comment posted: 8/24/2003
lame   Reply

By Klaus Comment posted: 8/18/2003
A Blumkin is also known as a Darth Vader in some parts   Reply

By Erik from Maryland Comment posted: 1/6/2003
wow. that is the coolist thing i have erver seen. this is really a nice site.   Reply

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