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By jordan 4s for sale from http://jordan4sforsale.org Comment posted: 3/13/2015
Look At THIS Site   Reply

By Candace Nunez from eCBCnhWrskkzP Comment posted: 1/11/2009
hi uinuppyls4xzm1u9 good luck   Reply

By Kyle Morin from RKoCzTKAFx Comment posted: 1/9/2009
hi uinuppyls4xzm1u9 good luck   Reply

By Chris Comment posted: 12/18/2006
It is way better if you do your girl doggystyle, then right before you blow your load lean in and tell her "I have aids" then hold on for the ride.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 8/22/2006
Hey "Joanlover", you been to Cleveland recently? Give us an update ok?   Reply

By TeddyJackEddy Comment posted: 2/6/2006
Doe's anyone have some balls I can munch on?   Reply

By SkyFire507 Comment posted: 12/15/2005
Its better if you say, "I Have AIDS." Now that is hillarious.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 10/7/2005
I'll pass! I'd rather jerk off with a pair of well worn panties or even a bra.   Reply

By Joan lover from Joan's panties Comment posted: 9/27/2005
I love Joan, and enjoy rifting through her garbage after she throws it away; I find tampons and spent maxi-pads, and then I wear them to work under my underwear, so I start to smell like her. Then, when I come home, I lick my fingers and rub her dried blood all over me while I jerk off, over and over and over and over and over.   Reply

By Pete Comment posted: 6/27/2005
Why do my farts smell good to me but a fart from another anus doesn't? Same with poop! I love the smell of a nasty turd from my own asshole but using the bathroom after someone just shit is fucking disgusting even if it was a smoking hot model with squirting, watery, greasy shits!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 6/22/2005
This word is fucking stupid and there are too many names for it!   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 6/18/2005
Read some comments on good words and you'll see who Joan APPEARS to be.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 6/18/2005
Who is this Joan chick? What's so special about her?   Reply

By Frank Comment posted: 6/15/2005
I don't recall right this minute which "Joan" comment made me LOL, but there were at least a few. I did make a sarcastic remark somewhere, because I saw comments to words she obviously wouldn't want to do; or that stupid "For a good time, call....." comment.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 6/15/2005
Where are the funny Joan comments Frank? You even commented on how you were glad there were no Joan comments on one of the words so.....? BTW HeyJoe is a moron!   Reply

By Frank Comment posted: 6/15/2005
You guys bitch about the "Joan" comments, but at least some are funny and all relate to the word. What the hell is this stupid fag comment from Hey Joe all about? Is he funny?   Reply

By HeyJoe Comment posted: 6/14/2005
If I cloned myself and when my clone was old enough, I fucked him in the ass-hole, would I be masterbating or am I just a cum loving faggot?   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 6/11/2005
Give it up dude! Would you like having personal info. posted about you! She's gone and I don't blame her! You all pushed her away! What a shame!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 6/10/2005
If she felt fucked over, she would have said so, or voted words down. Maybe she has posted as an "unknown" and does enjoy some of the comments.   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 6/10/2005
Since everyone fucked with her so badly, she doesnt post anymore! She must not be so horny anymore because you morons dont know when to quit! I for one would rather read her comments than this crap you all think up! If you ask me, you guys ruined it for us all and now its just a bunch of guys! Talking about sexual behavior is much more fun to talk about with chicks than guys so ease up a lot next time for the straight guys!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 6/10/2005
She did post comments. but obviously didn't know about 'White Pages' directory sites. Yeah, someone looked her up but I don't see any rebutals from her. Women can be as horny as men you know.   Reply

By Frank Comment posted: 6/10/2005
"Fuck hole"? I may submit some words eventually, but I only mentioned "your words" because of your comment. Sorry, if it got your blood pressure up.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 6/9/2005
Stop kissing the Wardens ass   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 6/9/2005
Frank,...What if I know Joan and I hate her fucking guts? Oh, I know! I'll will put here name and location on this site and pretend to be her and let everyone harrass her forever! Just because you have info. about her doesnt make it her dumb ass! By the way, where are you words fuck hole?   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 6/8/2005
OK.......Everyone needs to stop with the stupid "Joan" comments!!!Yes, when SHE was posting stuff it was cool but everyone keeps stating the same shit!"I'll bet that art teacher from Cleveland enjoys the(Apply Turdword Here)! or "I wonder if Joan Divoky knows how to (Apply Turdword Here)? Listen you faggots, she doesnt even post anymore so stop TRYING to be funny and post some good words you fucking cocksuckers!!!   Reply

By alf Comment posted: 4/15/2005
this word is so ancient I bet the moss on it is petrified.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/7/2005
I agree. That Joan Divoky does seem to enjoy "cowgirl" action.   Reply

By Unknown from usa Comment posted: 4/1/2005
All those variations sound good. That leggy art teacher from Cleveland has 34C-cup boobs to grab, so she would make a kick-ass "bucking bronco"   Reply

By Jesus from Ohio Comment posted: 12/22/2004
Works great in conjunction with the donkey punch. If you happen to be fucking a guy in the ass at the time, try calling him his sister's or mother's name.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 12/21/2004
Die word die, how many times do I have to keep voting down other words to make mine seem better.   Reply

By tj from va Comment posted: 7/5/2004
man, a bucking bronco is whn you hold da bitch down after tellin her you have aids, syphilis, herpes some weird ass disease then she bucks like a bronco to get away   Reply

By Random Comment posted: 7/2/2004
This word is inferior compared to my newest submission "Cakehole surprise". Check it out and give it the 4 star vote it deserves.   Reply

By Blue from IUP Comment posted: 6/29/2004
We call this a Rodeo and it happens when your buddy is in the closet video taping! Or you could tell her you have herpies.   Reply

By T-Whip Comment posted: 6/17/2004
This word sucks. It's X-Pac's move in wrestling. How many times can you laugh at this crap? It's been on the top 25 forever. ZZZZZZZZZZ(BORING)ZZZZZZZZZZZ!   Reply

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By jerk off Comment posted: 6/15/2004
what the fuck is wrong with yall? this word is gay as shit. its almost as bad as liberty bell (dont waste your time).   Reply

By qwerty Comment posted: 5/23/2004
This word has been up for a long time. Move on, people.   Reply

By Carcass Comment posted: 4/5/2004
I like this word and all, but I think it is a bit too common to be top 25 material. I think pretty well everyone I know is familiar with this term already.   Reply

By ninja from pa Comment posted: 3/29/2004
something similar is the rodeof**k, grab the hair when dooggy, and call out another girls name   Reply

By Zaine from Cleveland, Ohio Comment posted: 3/19/2004
What is wrong here? No serious comments on this turdword? You are all rectal rangers. This is a fine turdword site and these comments about two inch peckers, come and get me, and assclowns are a disgrace. I, for one, know the real rodeo: one shits on their lovers face (preferably a yellow shit) and rides her gagging and vomiting out as long as possible.   Reply

By Gordon Comment posted: 3/19/2004
Hah, Bucking Bronco happened to get picked for the word of the day. That's kinda funny.   Reply

By Steve from assclownville Comment posted: 3/1/2004
After our Mardi Gras anal session; Feak Boy had to go to the bathroom to wipe the shum off his 2 inch cock after shooting their rockets up my ass. It gave me a real colon C section. I love to get a broomstick shoved up my gaping stink hole if anyone is willing.   Reply

By Freak Boy Comment posted: 2/21/2004
Your a fucking cock sucker dick for brains piece of shit useless mutherfuckin no good ass bandit queer bait loser. Eat me you faggot, if you leave another stupid fuckin comment on someones word, I'll track you down, find out where you live and shove your whole fuckin computer up your ass you useless waste of sperm.   Reply

By Steve the assclown Comment posted: 2/14/2004
After our Valentine's day all day anal session; Scott, Gary and Nick had to go to the bathroom to wipe the shum off their cocks after shooting their rockets up my ass. It gave me a real colon C section. Hee Hee.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 2/12/2004
I'm an assclown   Reply

By Stevie Comment posted: 2/11/2004
This is worse than one of ColinC's words. Go fuck yourself colinC. zero stars.   Reply

By Evan Comment posted: 2/3/2004
Dude you got that word from a movie you fag!   Reply

By Gordon Comment posted: 1/6/2004
Maybe so, but "mintest" has to be one of the most sorry-ass words.   Reply

By Matty the Brown from Blyth/junkey town Comment posted: 12/31/2003
I think bucking bronco is one of the mintest words.   Reply

By De WHO from M town Comment posted: 12/13/2003
HA Heyjoe is a little BITCH. You are, you know that Joe. It sounds like you write your comments with a bowl of hot soup on your genitals. YA queer!   Reply

By Dale Comment posted: 12/11/2003
Dawwwggg Shiiit!   Reply

By Bill The Cat from San Diego Comment posted: 12/9/2003
This is a really old one. The novelty has worn off me thinks. Still, it was good in its day.   Reply

By jerome from compton Comment posted: 12/2/2003
hitler is in her grave right now with a rubber dick in her ass   Reply

By Whitey from Georgia Comment posted: 12/2/2003
It is an alright term, but it is not very original. Everyone knows what this is and likely learned it at 10 years old. I give it average.   Reply

By bob Comment posted: 11/24/2003
Heyjoe, shut the fuck up.   Reply

By HeyJoe Comment posted: 11/23/2003
I already submitted "rodeo sex". What's wrong with you?   Reply

By christo from Texas Comment posted: 11/13/2003
I learned it as, when mounted doggy style, grab a hank of her hair with your left hand, call her by your ex-girlfriend's name and try to hold on for eight seconds. Your right hand must not come in contact with her -- you can't use it or you're disqualified.   Reply

By hitler from hitler Comment posted: 11/10/2003
heil hitler   Reply

By bob Comment posted: 8/16/2003
I know it as a "rodeo fuck", there's also a few variations of what you say to her as well, "your the worst fuck I've ever had" etc.   Reply

By bytes from uk Comment posted: 8/4/2003
i always thought you whispered "your best mates a better fuck than you", stuck it in her ass and see how long you can hold on. but maybe i've been doing it wrong all these years   Reply

By Paul F. Mawaka from Ma Comment posted: 8/1/2003
just thought of something. what if ur women doesnt have any breasts? lol but very funny joke   Reply

By Paul F. Mawaka from Massachusetts Comment posted: 8/1/2003
LOL. When i Told This To girlfriend lol boy was it a funny site to see. she has a twin sister.   Reply

By HeyJoe Comment posted: 7/3/2003
It's definitley funny....but similar to the one I had submitted "rodeo sex".   Reply

By Jason Comment posted: 6/16/2003
I already did, and I didn't like it!   Reply

By Jason Comment posted: 6/14/2003
DAMN what i would give to sleep with my dad.   Reply

By Gaius Caligula from Los Angeles, CA Comment posted: 6/12/2003
This one is great... and funny.   Reply

By Rustler from Salt Lake City, Utah Comment posted: 6/11/2003
ROTLMAO... very good.   Reply

By Shaniqua isin my ass Comment posted: 5/11/2003

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