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Greetings once again. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. Perhaps you got lucky and were able to give someone a halloween havock. I know I would've.

However, I've been having a blast doing Texas Fire Drills for people. It's a blast going around the Turdwords offices and asking secretaries and janitors if they smoke after a 3 bean burritos at the local Mexican joint. Thanks CIWS DDG-57

With no further ado, let's begin this session's Q/A.

If you feel like sending us a question, click here: Ask Turdwords.


This is not a question but a reply to a question. What the skank was singing about in the song was not another name for a meat stick but a beer. It is yuengling not ying ling.
the poconos actually, this is an answer to a question asked by jizzmasterzero from montana. he asked what a ying ling was from a song he heard. the answer is that it's a brand of beer. it is spelled yuengling and is a lager beer.
Brett & geritol from the poconos
Thanks for settling it. I am not a beer drinker, so I don't know the difference between Heinecken's and Budweiser...

Is there any such word as "Ass beloncker" (not sure how to spell it) I saw it on souh park but forget the definition.
My Penis Your Ass.
My guess is they said, "ass spelunker". I am not much of a South Park fan (they used to be funny, when they first came out, now they are a little preachy and tired).

what is the skin called between your butt hold and your balls on a man?
Allison Georgetown, Kentucky
Easy and it has many names. Here are some of the more common ones: Grundel, Gooch, Taint. If you are looking to please your man, be sure to check out Turdwords' Taint Tickler.

Could you please define Plating ? heard it was when a person sits under a glass or plexiglas table and watches another person defecate from above
redmonster NY
Yes, I'd agree with your definition. A quick scan of our database seems to indicate that plating means defecating on piece of glass or saran wrap while your partner lies underneath. I am not sure why people get off on that sort of crap, but whatever floats your boat... know what I mean. Check out the definition of: Hot Plate and Glass Bottom Boat

I am getting tired of the pop ups on your site. What really pisses me off is that my pop up blockers are not detecting them. I have decided to ban this website forever.
You probably won't read this, but we don't have ANY popups on this site. In fact, I haven't made a buck off this site in over a year. My suggestion, download a copy of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and get rid of the spyware that's infecting your box like your girlfriend's Crab Grass.

Hey im not to keen on the way you guys pick what to put on the website as Ive submitted a few decent definitions which I would say and so have a few of my friends suitably funny yet youve not put them on yet you accept some real shit thats classic crude american comedy, maybe you should take some material that will actually make people laugh and be a little more fairer on what you allow on the site consdiering some of the poor stuff youve got on here, who are you to decide whats funny and whats not becusae by judging some stuff youve got on here your sense of humouris pretty poor
Joe, England
Fine, start your site called "JoesTurdWords.Com" and see where ya go with it. With your spelling, grammar, and your sense of humor, I am sure you'll go far.

I have no idea what words you sent us, but once again, if its spelled poorly, isn't a Turdword, contains celebrity / product names, contains hate speech, is overly violent, is already on the site, or I've heard some variation of it before, it gets the ax. 50 - 80% of the words submitted get approved, so do a little spell checking before submitting a word and make your example crystal clear and I'll hit the might validate button and you'll go down in Internet history.

Loose meat Sandwich was accepted on 10-20. I am honored that someone else came up with another word for my prestigiously accepted word "colonblow." You guys are pretty cool dudes.
MIke From Chicago
Thanks Mike... you are doubly blessed being from Chicago as well... Turdwords' location (or close to it anyways). For those that missed it, here is Loose Meat Sandwich and Colonblow.

Is it against the rules to use product names in the words?
E from Mesa AZ
In a nutshell, yes.

why do i enjoy teabagging other mens balls in my mouth???
P.T. Reading pa
Perhaps because you are Homo Toker or because as a kid your mom didn't feed you enough bologne. (Never got to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner kid after all).

i heard the sentence "it gives me wood" in a beavis and butthead cartoon, what does it mean ?? mahmoud
mahmoud s mahmoud
Just about any slang term with the word wood in it means a boner or stiffy. For example, check out: Morning Wood. That one is pretty common place, I suggest doing more turdwords surfing in your spare time.

I looked up Hot Carl on your site. I've always heard a Hot Carl was when a guy is sitting on the toilet getting head, and waits to shit until he has to come. Then he shits and comes simultaneously. Is there a name for that?
Lisa in California
Hot Carls, definitely are associated with pooping on someone, as indicated by knockoff words, such as Hot Wendel, Hot Louis, Hot Carlo.

I think you are thinking of a Blumpkin. I am sure we have a word that deals with the act of crapping while getting a blowjob, but I couldn't find it. Perhaps a "Hot Blumpkin" works?

Why do I like to have sex with women so much? Why oh why do i like pussy so much? How can I get more Pussy?
Sayda in Halifax
Welcome to puberty, now please go back to Kindergarten and leave us alone.

Time to call it quits. I still have more mail to go through, but I've got to do a a crap load of things this fine Sunday and I am wasting time. Anyhow, check in with ya and thanks for all the kind words.


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