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Arabian Sandstorm Added: 4/9/2004 Noun  
Put your balls over her eyes, and fart in her mouth.
Submitted by: Mike 6,776 views 1.90 = Arabian Sandstorm Star Arabian Sandstorm Star (10 votes)

Baton Rouge (Red Stick) Added: 8/16/2006 Noun  
Fucking a girl on her period and pulling out and slapping her in the face with i...
Submitted by: Mike 32,773 views 3.00 = Baton Rouge (Red Stick) Star Baton Rouge (Red Stick) Star Baton Rouge (Red Stick) Star (6 votes)

Bearded Martin Added: 12/13/2004 Noun  
With at least two days of beard growth, a man runs his face through a womans ass...
Submitted by: Mike 2,670 views 2.00 = Bearded Martin Star Bearded Martin Star (3 votes)

Bitchtits Added: 5/22/2003 Noun  
Dude titties.
Submitted by: Mike 3,695 views 2.13 = Bitchtits Star Bitchtits Star (8 votes)

Boomerwang Added: 5/22/2003 Noun  
A curved dong
Submitted by: Mike 3,433 views 2.56 = Boomerwang Star Boomerwang Star Boomerwang Star (18 votes)

Burial at Sea Added: 1/29/2007 Noun  
A giant dump that sinks to the bottom of the toilet.
Submitted by: Mike 32,958 views 3.36 = Burial at Sea Star Burial at Sea Star Burial at Sea Star (14 votes)

Cabbage Beaver Added: 6/21/2006 Noun  
When a girl has so many genital warts it looks like a cabbage patch.
Submitted by: Mike 35,554 views 2.64 = Cabbage Beaver Star Cabbage Beaver Star Cabbage Beaver Star (11 votes)

Cable Cutter Added: 3/31/2005 Noun  
Another word for a womans ass.
Submitted by: Mike 35,596 views 2.30 = Cable Cutter Star Cable Cutter Star (23 votes)

cement mixer Added: 2/21/2004 Noun  
when your girlfriend takes your diarea into her mouth swishes it around and spre...
Submitted by: mike 3,246 views 1.00 = cement mixer Star (1 vote)

Chopping lumber Added: 1/25/2004 Verb  
while taking a crap, you start to laugh and the shit breaks off and you have to ...
Submitted by: Mike 2,793 views 1.00 = Chopping lumber Star (1 vote)

Cockjaws Added: 8/9/2009 Adjective  
Someone who likes sucking cock, has a cock in their mouth all the time.
Submitted by: Mike 2,252 views 3.00 = Cockjaws Star Cockjaws Star Cockjaws Star (1 vote)

Covert Cooter Commando Added: 5/22/2003 Noun  
Commonly known as a triple C, a covert cooter commando is that asshole who gets ...
Submitted by: Mike 3,180 views 1.00 = Covert Cooter Commando Star (2 votes)

Cuban Missile Crisis Added: 8/3/2006 Noun  
When a man feels a woman's turd pushing his dick out during anal sex.
Submitted by: Mike 32,705 views 3.25 = Cuban Missile Crisis Star Cuban Missile Crisis Star Cuban Missile Crisis Star (12 votes)

Cuddle-Poo Added: 9/29/2007 Noun  
While taking a shit, a hole is made over the toilet seat between your legs where...
Submitted by: Mike 32,959 views 2.33 = Cuddle-Poo Star Cuddle-Poo Star (9 votes)

Dirty Chech, The Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
When you are mooning someone and you spread your ass cheeks showing your asshole...
Submitted by: Mike 32,769 views 1.40 = Dirty Chech, The Star (15 votes)

Duely Added: 1/25/2004 Noun  
When two friends go and take a crap in a public place like a movie theatre at th...
Submitted by: Mike 2,706 views 1.73 = Duely Star Duely Star (11 votes)

felana Added: 6/1/2006 Noun  
To ejaculate bloody semen on a pile of feces that are on top of a woman's bare c...
Submitted by: Mike 33,220 views 2.00 = felana Star felana Star (9 votes)

Flosbury Flop Added: 8/27/2005 Noun  
When you have a boner and a girl takes your pants off and your penis flings up a...
Submitted by: Mike 32,782 views 2.25 = Flosbury Flop Star Flosbury Flop Star (12 votes)

Full Force Added: 3/18/2005 Noun  
When a girls vagina is so wide that a man is acutally able to get his dick and b...
Submitted by: Mike 32,879 views 1.45 = Full Force Star (11 votes)

graham cracker Added: 6/13/2003 Noun  
when two fags cum all over each others chests and then embrace.....
Submitted by: mike 3,239 views 2.82 = graham cracker Star graham cracker Star graham cracker Star (22 votes)

Happy Squirrel, The Added: 3/9/2006 Noun  
When some guy is getting his balls sucked and the sucker puts one nut in each ch...
Submitted by: Mike 33,061 views 3.12 = Happy Squirrel, The Star Happy Squirrel, The Star Happy Squirrel, The Star (34 votes)

head crumb Added: 7/18/2003 Noun  
Submitted by: Mike 3,052 views 3.08 = head crumb Star head crumb Star head crumb Star (13 votes)

Hooded Monster Added: 10/30/2005 Noun  
an uncircumcised penis
Submitted by: Mike 32,958 views 1.00 = Hooded Monster Star (2 votes)

Horking Added: 4/3/2004 Verb  
Blowing a snot on food before serving it to your asshole customer.
Submitted by: Mike 3,120 views 4.00 = Horking Star Horking Star Horking Star Horking Star (2 votes)

juggernut Added: 6/23/2007 Noun  
1. Landing a cum shot on her face from the missionary position.
Submitted by: mike 34,230 views 1.60 = juggernut Star juggernut Star (5 votes)

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Kalli Reach Around, The Added: 6/21/2006 Noun  
When your girlfriend's sister tickles your genitals from the back seat of your c...
Submitted by: Mike 35,972 views 3.69 = Kalli Reach Around, The Star Kalli Reach Around, The Star Kalli Reach Around, The Star Kalli Reach Around, The Star (39 votes)

late lunch Added: 7/21/2005 Noun  
when a girl is giving a guy a hand job and he cant bust, so he excuses himself i...
Submitted by: mike 33,851 views 1.63 = late lunch Star late lunch Star (19 votes)

Mallard Added: 1/23/2004 Noun  
When a person expels a fart that they don't see coming and due to the quick ass ...
Submitted by: Mike 3,781 views 2.00 = Mallard Star Mallard Star (3 votes)

Manfucker Added: 3/31/2005 Noun  
another word for a gay
Submitted by: Mike 32,807 views 2.88 = Manfucker Star Manfucker Star Manfucker Star (16 votes)

Meat Pumper Added: 12/19/2002 Noun  
N. Homosexual
Submitted by: MIKE 3,925 views 2.09 = Meat Pumper Star Meat Pumper Star (11 votes)

Meat Wrangler Added: 12/19/2002 Noun  
N. Homosexual, derogatory.
Submitted by: MIKE 3,842 views 3.65 = Meat Wrangler Star Meat Wrangler Star Meat Wrangler Star Meat Wrangler Star (26 votes)

MEATSHAKE Added: 12/19/2002 Noun  
Noun. A load of semen for the intent of being swallowed in the course of fellat...
Submitted by: MIKE 5,408 views 3.47 = MEATSHAKE Star MEATSHAKE Star MEATSHAKE Star (17 votes)

Menage a Moi Added: 12/19/2002 Noun  
noun. To pleasure oneself. To masterbate in private.
Submitted by: MIKE 5,426 views 3.21 = Menage a Moi Star Menage a Moi Star Menage a Moi Star (42 votes)

Moose Knuckle Added: 12/19/2002 Noun Click to listen to Moose Knuckle
Noun. When the fabric of a woman's clothes become tucked in between the labia. ...
Submitted by: MIKE 26,750 views 3.38 = Moose Knuckle Star Moose Knuckle Star Moose Knuckle Star (13 votes)

Nostril Snorkle Added: 9/22/2003 Noun  
when you snort semen.
Submitted by: mike 2,984 views 3.25 = Nostril Snorkle Star Nostril Snorkle Star Nostril Snorkle Star (8 votes)

party sausage Added: 6/29/2003 Noun  
tiny dick.
Submitted by: mike 2,998 views 2.00 = party sausage Star party sausage Star (9 votes)

Penis leech Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
Someone who sucks dick as if they were a leech sucking your blood
Submitted by: Mike 2,467 views 2.50 = Penis leech Star Penis leech Star Penis leech Star (2 votes)

Poop stain Added: 12/19/2002 Noun  
noun. The unmistakable brown mark left in one's shorts when failing to wipe pro...
Submitted by: MIKE 4,724 views 1.41 = Poop stain Star (51 votes)

pounder jelly Added: 5/31/2003 Noun  
after you cum inside your partners ass... They squat over your head a poop it on...
Submitted by: mIKE 2,959 views 2.20 = pounder jelly Star pounder jelly Star (5 votes)

pubic nut Added: 2/9/2003 Noun  
When the pubic hair gets tangled up into a ball.
Submitted by: Mike 4,276 views 3.14 = pubic nut Star pubic nut Star pubic nut Star (22 votes)

Russian Hamburger Added: 9/25/2005 Noun  
when a man straps on a dildo backwards and has sex with two girls while he is in...
Submitted by: Mike 33,017 views 1.00 = Russian Hamburger Star (1 vote)

Shampoop Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
The act of putting half poop and half shampoo in a shampoo bottle.
Submitted by: Mike 1,805 views 2.00 = Shampoop Star Shampoop Star (5 votes)

SkullyWully Added: 5/13/2004 Noun  
When a thin haired girl or balding woman gives you a blow job while you slap or ...
Submitted by: Mike 2,740 views 4.00 = SkullyWully Star SkullyWully Star SkullyWully Star SkullyWully Star (3 votes)

slamming Flab Added: 5/13/2003 Noun  
The loose skin after raming in the butt.
Submitted by: Mike 2,735 views 3.50 = slamming Flab Star slamming Flab Star slamming Flab Star slamming Flab Star (6 votes)

Snapper, The Added: 6/16/2005 Noun  
When a chick is laying on her back you stick your ass over her face, spread your...
Submitted by: Mike 32,700 views 3.33 = Snapper, The Star Snapper, The Star Snapper, The Star (9 votes)

snussy Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
a cross between a pussy and snatch
Submitted by: Mike 32,689 views 3.45 = snussy Star snussy Star snussy Star (11 votes)

Suffering Succotash Added: 5/23/2003 Noun  
Take a dump on a passed out person, then bust a nut upon the fresh dump.
Submitted by: Mike 3,173 views 1.64 = Suffering Succotash Star Suffering Succotash Star (14 votes)

Sweaty Palm Added: 1/30/2004 Noun  
A hanshake where you slide your hand thoroughly across the crack of ass, beginni...
Submitted by: Mike 2,590 views 1.00 = Sweaty Palm Star (1 vote)

Tater Suprise Added: 9/16/2006 Noun  
While eating mashed potatoes out of a girls ass, she farts, without any warning,...
Submitted by: Mike 32,626 views 3.00 = Tater Suprise Star Tater Suprise Star Tater Suprise Star (1 vote)

The Headless Horseman Added: 1/28/2007 Noun  
An uncircumsized penis
Submitted by: Mike 32,946 views 2.67 = The Headless Horseman Star The Headless Horseman Star The Headless Horseman Star (9 votes)

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