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Dictionary Search 62 words matched the letter "U"

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Underhill Ally Added: 6/18/2003 Noun  
Your eatin a bitch out, and then she wants you to toss her salad, so you get a b...
Submitted by: Matt, Jess, Nate, Pat 5,091 views 2.24 = Underhill Ally Star Underhill Ally Star (17 votes)

Under-thunder Added: 12/11/2002 Noun Click to listen to Under-thunder
To fart.
Submitted by: RJ 4,730 views 1.63 = Under-thunder Star Under-thunder Star (24 votes)

Undocumented Worker Added: 11/27/2006 Noun  
When you all of a sudden have to take dump really bad.
Submitted by: Jay M 33,068 views 2.67 = Undocumented Worker Star Undocumented Worker Star Undocumented Worker Star (18 votes)

Unhappy Camper Added: 1/14/2004 Noun  
When you wake up in the morning and there is a used condom stuck in your ass.
Submitted by: Trevor L 3,395 views 2.50 = Unhappy Camper Star Unhappy Camper Star Unhappy Camper Star (2 votes)

Unhappy Ending Added: 11/7/2004 Noun  
When reaching climax while viewing a pornographic film, the camera suddenly cuts...
Submitted by: UISProphet 7,025 views 2.33 = Unhappy Ending Star Unhappy Ending Star (9 votes)

Unhappy Suprise, The Added: 11/15/2004 Noun  
You "go" and the smell is so excruciating you expect to see a giant log, but whe...
Submitted by: The Unnamed Sailor 2,815 views 2.20 = Unhappy Suprise, The Star Unhappy Suprise, The Star (5 votes)

Unhappy Trail, The Added: 4/13/2005 Noun  
Like a happy trail; Instead the hair goes from lower back to ass crack.
Submitted by: Fat Dan 33,218 views 2.09 = Unhappy Trail, The Star Unhappy Trail, The Star (11 votes)

Uni - Ball Added: 2/3/2003 Noun  
A person with one testicle
Submitted by: Skippy 4,617 views 3.25 = Uni - Ball Star Uni - Ball Star Uni - Ball Star (12 votes)

Unibag Added: 3/9/2006 Noun  
1) verb; a teabag administered by a man who has lost one of the jewels. 2)noun; ...
Submitted by: Night Ninja 33,029 views 1.00 = Unibag Star (2 votes)

Uni-Baller Added: 5/2/2003 Noun  
A guy with only one testicle.
Submitted by: Nicole Kellogg 4,301 views 1.86 = Uni-Baller Star Uni-Baller Star (21 votes)

Unicorn Added: 5/28/2004 Noun  
one kernal of corn left on the head of your penis after having anal sex with you...
Submitted by: angryteamster 3,165 views 2.13 = Unicorn Star Unicorn Star (8 votes)

Unicycle, The Added: 11/4/2006 Noun  
Bend your girlfriend over (like a backbend) and have sex with her while you stan...
Submitted by: HHH 33,169 views 3.27 = Unicycle, The Star Unicycle, The Star Unicycle, The Star (11 votes)

un-immaculate conception Added: 8/15/2009 Noun  
Busting a nut in a skeezer's pussy then she later farts and in runs into her pus...
Submitted by: jed 2,086 views 4.00 = un-immaculate conception Star un-immaculate conception Star un-immaculate conception Star un-immaculate conception Star (1 vote)

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Unity Fart Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
When two are more farts from different asses are gathered together in the same a...
Submitted by: Pirate 33,037 views 3.18 = Unity Fart Star Unity Fart Star Unity Fart Star (11 votes)

Untimely Nut, The Added: 7/21/2005 Noun  
When watching a porno and beating the bishop, you accidently bust a nut when the...
Submitted by: Moneymaker 33,048 views 3.14 = Untimely Nut, The Star Untimely Nut, The Star Untimely Nut, The Star (7 votes)

up hill gardener Added: 1/30/2004 Noun  
when a man is putting his pork sword up another mans anus
Submitted by: ian brown 3,078 views 1.50 = up hill gardener Star up hill gardener Star (10 votes)

up on blocks Added: 8/13/2003 Noun  
menstruating i.e. out of action, a bit like a car in a garage
Submitted by: Miss Fits 3,307 views 3.20 = up on blocks Star up on blocks Star up on blocks Star (10 votes)

Up the dirt track Added: 2/15/2005 Noun  
Up the dirt track, this is to have anal sex frome somebody.
Submitted by: dirty man Josh 33,127 views 2.38 = Up the dirt track Star Up the dirt track Star (13 votes)

Up town Julie Brown Added: 4/14/2009 Noun  
When your titty fuckin a chick backwards and leave a skid mark on her nose.
Submitted by: joe-c 1,985 views 2.50 = Up town Julie Brown Star Up town Julie Brown Star Up town Julie Brown Star (2 votes)

upchuck taylors Added: 6/26/2004 Noun  
When a girl is trying to deep throat you, and she vomits on your shoes.
Submitted by: mg nightowl 3,462 views 3.33 = upchuck taylors Star upchuck taylors Star upchuck taylors Star (9 votes)

Updog Added: 11/15/2004 Noun  
When your female partner hovers her vagina/pussy over your face
Submitted by: Savvy 3,239 views 1.25 = Updog Star (12 votes)

uphill gardener Added: 5/12/2003 Noun  
He who hoes on the pink allotments; pusher of a cheesy wheelbarrow up the kak ca...
Submitted by: big sinky 6,073 views 1.75 = uphill gardener Star uphill gardener Star (12 votes)

Uppercut Added: 1/29/2005 Noun  
When you are tittie fucking a girl and your ready to blow you just shoot it all ...
Submitted by: the masta 33,676 views 2.00 = Uppercut Star Uppercut Star (9 votes)

Upperdecker Added: 12/3/2002 Verb Click to listen to Upperdecker
Crapping a load in the toilet tank then putting the lid back on. For someone you...
Submitted by: Dave 34,516 views 2.50 = Upperdecker Star Upperdecker Star Upperdecker Star (10 votes)

Upperfucker Added: 3/20/2003 Noun  
A plug of absorbent material inserted into a body cavity or wound to check a flo...
Submitted by: Patrick 5,170 views 3.18 = Upperfucker Star Upperfucker Star Upperfucker Star (33 votes)

Showing 26-50 of 62   [ << First 25 ] [ Last 12 >> ]

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