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lap rocket ride Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
you sit on the chair and your girl rides you
Submitted by: bussdriver 35,074 views 2.19 = lap rocket ride Star lap rocket ride Star (21 votes)

Lapp, The Added: 8/12/2009 Noun  
When a man ejaculates on himself and his sperm fills his belly button thus creat...
Submitted by: Crystal C 2,835 views 3.00 = Lapp, The Star Lapp, The Star Lapp, The Star (1 vote)

Lappy Added: 1/31/2005 Noun  
When you have hair on the head of your penis
Submitted by: Falgy 34,304 views 2.09 = Lappy Star Lappy Star (11 votes)

Laps Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
Walking around a bar checking out chicks
Submitted by: Joe 34,026 views 3.20 = Laps Star Laps Star Laps Star (30 votes)

Large Extra Sausage Pizza Added: 11/25/2005 Noun  
When a girl wants sex so bad she has to resort to the pizza delivery man. So she...
Submitted by: Amir 33,974 views 3.33 = Large Extra Sausage Pizza Star Large Extra Sausage Pizza Star Large Extra Sausage Pizza Star (15 votes)

Larry Jetski Added: 6/13/2006 Noun  
When riding with a woman on a jetski, you quickly grab her legs and knock her of...
Submitted by: XFactorNo9 33,858 views 3.00 = Larry Jetski Star Larry Jetski Star Larry Jetski Star (3 votes)

Lart Added: 6/23/2007 Noun  
When you laugh and fart at the same time.
Submitted by: Poon 34,181 views 2.20 = Lart Star Lart Star (15 votes)

Las Vegas Chainsaw Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
Stuff a role of quarters and some anal beeds in a chick's ass. Lay her on her s...
Submitted by: JT 35,050 views 1.40 = Las Vegas Chainsaw Star (25 votes)

Lasagna Puss Added: 7/18/2003 Noun  
N. The area of the pussy that when spread open looks like a strand of lasagna.
Submitted by: Kolk 4,943 views 2.50 = Lasagna Puss Star Lasagna Puss Star Lasagna Puss Star (8 votes)

Laser Blaster Added: 9/8/2003 Noun  
Pissing on a females face to clean it off after you just busted your nut on it.
Submitted by: Guess Who 4,428 views 1.33 = Laser Blaster Star (18 votes)

Laser Eye Surgery Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
When you pull out and bust in a girl's eye, let it sit, making the same crust th...
Submitted by: BFK 34,016 views 1.19 = Laser Eye Surgery Star (62 votes)

Last night leftovers Added: 12/27/2004 Noun  
After fucking a bitch with a great tasting pussy. You take the rubber you used o...
Submitted by: Dusty 4,025 views 2.50 = Last night leftovers Star Last night leftovers Star Last night leftovers Star (4 votes)

Last Resort Added: 1/3/2005 Noun  
When a guy injurs his hand so he can't jack off and starts using objects to help...
Submitted by: Ken 34,270 views 1.55 = Last Resort Star Last Resort Star (11 votes)

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Last-stall-on-the-left Added: 5/22/2010 Noun  
The men's room stall in every bar, club, theater or restaurant that every male k...
Submitted by: EJC 5,851 views 3.37 = Last-stall-on-the-left Star Last-stall-on-the-left Star Last-stall-on-the-left Star (131 votes)

late lunch Added: 7/21/2005 Noun  
when a girl is giving a guy a hand job and he cant bust, so he excuses himself i...
Submitted by: mike 34,521 views 1.63 = late lunch Star late lunch Star (19 votes)

late-night hitcher Added: 12/29/2004 Noun  
sticking your thumb up a girls ass when she's asleep
Submitted by: brett myers 3,712 views 3.00 = late-night hitcher Star late-night hitcher Star late-night hitcher Star (21 votes)

Latex Louie Added: 12/11/2002 Noun Click to listen to Latex Louie
Another word for a rubber.
Submitted by: RJ 5,430 views 3.25 = Latex Louie Star Latex Louie Star Latex Louie Star (8 votes)

Latex Luggie Added: 11/7/2004 Noun  
When one cums in a condom, grabs by the tip and flings content onto another pers...
Submitted by: Ben and Perry 3,614 views 2.80 = Latex Luggie Star Latex Luggie Star Latex Luggie Star (5 votes)

Latvian Deodorant Added: 1/27/2004 Noun  
Ejaculating into a girl's arm pit after a session of hot oral sex.
Submitted by: Dougie 4,216 views 1.00 = Latvian Deodorant Star (1 vote)

Laughing Elephant Added: 1/12/2005 Verb  
When you flex your penis (or start laughing) while you have an erection. It shou...
Submitted by: Tater Salade 34,104 views 2.00 = Laughing Elephant Star Laughing Elephant Star (6 votes)

Laughing Gas Added: 11/27/2003 Noun  
A fart that sounds funny
Submitted by: Eddie 4,198 views 2.69 = Laughing Gas Star Laughing Gas Star Laughing Gas Star (49 votes)

Launch a Sea Pickle Added: 9/27/2004 Verb  
to take a shit
Submitted by: kmcrazy8 3,743 views 1.00 = Launch a Sea Pickle Star (2 votes)

launch 'n' flush Added: 7/20/2004 Noun  
pure courtesy. period.
Submitted by: cstock 3,458 views 1.00 = launch 'n' flush Star (1 vote)

Launching the Nautilus Added: 3/12/2004 Verb  
to defecate
Submitted by: Baller 3,748 views 2.20 = Launching the Nautilus Star Launching the Nautilus Star (5 votes)

Lava crack Added: 1/29/2005 Noun  
A hot, burning ass crack.
Submitted by: jizz pappy 33,813 views 2.38 = Lava crack Star Lava crack Star (13 votes)

Showing 26-50 of 320   [ << First 25 ] [ Next 25 >> ]

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