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The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community

By Ivan from QBikqCCZBqLE Comment posted: 1/8/2013
This is the pfreect way to break down this information.   Reply

By Peter Comment posted: 6/1/2010
Yo   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/28/2010
Thanks for removing all the spam!!!   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 4/2/2010
What's with the fucking spam? I've seen a bunch of 1-liners on some words, but not this bad!   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 10/25/2009
Glad you checked in, to find most of the stuff fixed. Yeah, the pop-up sucks.   Reply

By noni mous from swabbing pay toilets Comment posted: 10/16/2009
Good to see Eddie woke up. I'll be back. Hate that pop up on the bottom of the screen.   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 8/8/2009
Hey noni, was going to leave you a comment to check out Colin C's word Double Skeet because we had been leaving comments about what was wrong with the site. Colin got things moving and I see today changes are taking place finally. Hope you come back regularly again!   Reply

By WD Comment posted: 2/23/2008
This is also known as a Beaver Breather.   Reply

By noni mous from Pay Stall #3 Comment posted: 11/26/2007
Another THREE months and no fixes, nothing new. It's been way over a year. Now the Top Words list is so long that the Cold Fusion software is encountering errors trying to process the list. "Other Steve," are you out there?   Reply

By noni mous from Pay Stall #3 Comment posted: 6/18/2007
It's been more than 2 months since I stopped by to see what's happening. Obviously nothing. Hey "Other Steve," in case you stop by, how are things going?   Reply

By The Other Steve Comment posted: 4/23/2007
Yes, I agree with all you said. Couple days I actually looked at word of day early morning, then late night or next morning, and views were between 100-200 only! Used to be 800-1000 as I recall. The Ask Turdwords newsletter hasn't been updated since Oct. and the New Words don't show up in their category, only in main dictionary. Oh well, like you, I'll check in occasionally. Good to hear you're still around!   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 1/14/2007
WOW! This word somehow jumps up 7 votes in 2 days when about 3 people visit this site a week. Need I say more you cheating faggot? You sure are a sorry chap!   Reply

By noni mous from Stall #3 Comment posted: 1/3/2007
Even if I was The Warden, what are you going to do about it? Someone needs to put the words that are better than mine in the basement!   Reply

By Bruno Comment posted: 1/3/2007
I say B.S. Noni Mous! Checking out all the facts looks to me like you ARE the Warden. Quit being a pussy ass bitch and admit it you chicken. Squirrely bbitch!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 11/30/2006
I'm not noni mous. I wasn't defending him, just commenting on my observations.   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 11/29/2006
Do you really think some stranger is going to randomly step up and defend noni mous aka The Warden like this? I know it's you noni mous trying to direct the truth about your identity from the "Noni Mous" name. Face up to the fact that you have been called out. You claim noni mous hasn't been here in ages? Nobody has been here in ages and it sounds like you planned it to appear like you haven't visited in months! You are a fucking jackass! Keep kicking and scratching Noni Mous you cowardly weasel! Go ahead and keep 4 starring this shithole word up to the top so the 7 people who visit here can know you are the crybaby who trashed this site. My bet would be you "ignore" this word for a while and makeup some alias to defend yourself?   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 11/23/2006
Nice going Steve (the "Steve" who keeps bashing noni mous)! I haven't seen a comment by noni mous anywhere in ages. Hopefully it's not due to you. Most of the words that quickly reach the #1 spot are pumped or reach it with 11 votes. Rarely does one of those words actually deserve to stay at the top, so I don't care if they are knocked down. It appears to me, the only ones that are knocked all the way to the "top" of the Worst List are flagrantly pumped words, while the rest are just knocked off the Top 100 a little. Hey noni, where you been man?   Reply

By Unknown from usa Comment posted: 10/15/2006
Hey Steve, how about this for proof: the Warden said in a comment about Joan that he'd like to give her his 8" cock, AND noni mous said he also has an 8" cock for Joan! Coincidence? I don't think so, since the average size is around 5"-6"   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 10/11/2006
Bullshit noni! Under French Toast(Aug. 29 you even admit you have an alias to protect your real identity. Quite funny how you and The Warden are two of few that even bother filling our the "location" box with some effort.   Reply

Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

By The other Steve Comment posted: 9/15/2006
That wasn't me saying that Noni Mous.   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 9/10/2006
Go ahead and keep voting your word up Warden. I know you are noni mous and the comments under French Toast and Tyler Cs word Fagtastic prove it you little sneaky fucker. I hate you with passion!   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 7/10/2006
That WASN'T me saying that! I like the Joan comments btw.   Reply

By Unknown from usa Comment posted: 5/30/2006
GREAT WORD! Joan must be happy the weathers finally getting hot in Cleveland. She probably has all her short summer skirts and dresses unpacked, cleaned and ironed, ready to venture out with her Factory Air turned on.   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 2/9/2006
God awful shit word!   Reply

By noni mous from pay stall #3 Comment posted: 2/9/2006
Sorry, I'm not the warden. That dude must have nothing better to do than hang out on turdwords. I have a life, even if it's scrubbing pay toilets, snaking big wads of TP and Kotex out of stopped-up pay toilets, painting over the grafitti on pay toilet stalls and doing the Limbo Discount under pay toilet doors to save a quarter. Let's ask Dustin Chewy and UIS Prophet if they have any idea who he is.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 2/7/2006
Where is Cleveland then? I thought it was midwest too.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 2/6/2006
So noni mous is the warden? thats interesting. I have been wondering who the warden was for a long time.   Reply

By TeddyJackEddy Comment posted: 2/3/2006
Fuck you and the gay ass warden. He can't fucking touch any of my words cause I will vote them back up if I want. He ain't shit anyway.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 2/1/2006
cleveland isn't the midwest!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 12/20/2005
TeddyJackEddie seem to be talking about the Warden as of lately so check it out under the word Shirley Suckem Silly in the bottom 100!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 12/1/2005
If Joan enjoys going out with her Factory Air on, do you think she grows a "winter bush"?   Reply

By noni mous from pay stall #3 Comment posted: 11/30/2005
When it's really hot and muggy and a broad is Going Commando while she's at a picnic, the Factory Air keeps the flies off of her food.   Reply

By noni mous from pay stall #3 Comment posted: 11/30/2005
I must be in a state where there are a lot of pay toilets.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 10/16/2005
Too bad summer is over cuz she'll have her factory air turned off. What state you in noni mous? I'm also too far away (AL).   Reply

By noni mous from pay stall #3 Comment posted: 4/8/2005
Will some Cleveland resident with brass ones please get a date with Joan and fill us in on the mysterious art teacher? I've seen her phone number all over the board. (Continental Breakfast for sure.) I live too far away to service her.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/6/2005
I bet that classy art teacher from Cleveland is equipped with "Factory Air" and enjoys the cool feeling whether teaching or running errands at the grocery store and mall.   Reply

By noni mous from pay stall #3 Comment posted: 4/5/2005
"going commando" is also called "free-ballin' " where a guy wears his jeans with no underwear. Thanks... good question.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/4/2005
What is "commando"?   Reply

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