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By mike from pittsburgh Comment posted: 7/24/2006
the proper definition of a clevland steamer is when you are getting a blow job and you shit on the females chest   Reply

By james from illinois Comment posted: 3/28/2006
heard of the cleveland steamer on bob and tom morning show. they said not to google it but i had to. found some interesting topics worth a good laugh and a dirty try. thanks for the imput. cant wait to share with my friends   Reply

By thejoker867 Comment posted: 3/19/2006
yahoo i IM me. 4 sex.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 8/23/2005
Maybe the Cleveland Steamer was named after her?   Reply

By Dustin Chewy Comment posted: 5/5/2005
I work in a kitchen and there is such thing as a cleveland steamer! My chef was telling me about this word and laughing I looked at our steamer and it said cleveland on the front!   Reply

By Megan Comment posted: 3/23/2005
Oh my gosh, that word was on Family Guy and I had no clue what it was... not I am totally horrified! That's so funny though.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 2/22/2005
Hey! Joan's from Cleveland, home of the steamer.   Reply

By Unknown from USA Comment posted: 2/21/2005
on "continental breakfast" it says Joan's got 34C boobs (thats nice size to suckle but maybe a wee bit small for a good tit-fuck?)   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 1/3/2005
That Joan Divoky said she would do a Houdini so she must love "deliveries down her Hershey Highway" But the idea is to fuck her tits not her ass! Read the definition again.   Reply

By Unknown from traveling USA Comment posted: 12/29/2004
i'm hoping Joan Divoky loves anal   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 12/17/2004
I love anal   Reply

By Itdoesnt Matter from Tennessee Comment posted: 11/17/2004
I always thought a cleveland steamer was when you let some on the chest and then rolled over it like a steamroller.   Reply

By Joan Divoky from Cleveland Comment posted: 11/3/2004
Otis is right, but I love Kevin's definition. I wonder if Zaine really can do his scene often, because it seems to me to need too many right circumstances! A warm, steamy load feels great anywhere it's dumped.   Reply

By kevin from illinois Comment posted: 10/18/2004
i am so sick of the misdefining of cleveland steamer. it is not only a shit on the chest man! its sitting on the chest of your girlfriend to the point where she could barely breathe then taking a massive shit and sliding down her body towards the vagina, like a slip and slide. the thing that separates the cleveland steamer from the mudslide is the noise the person makes while doing the act. the noise of a cleveland steam boat   Reply

By brett from Minnesota Comment posted: 9/19/2004
I always thought the cleveland steamer was when you fuck a girl, wait till she passes out then shit on her chest and wipe your ass with her sheats. Anyone else ever heard of that?   Reply

By murph from wisconsin Comment posted: 8/6/2004
I am sorry to disappoint you, but your definition of a Cleveland Steamer, is infact a "hot carl", I am sorry that this might upset you, but really come on, cleveland steamer, do u really want to make your city anymore gay???   Reply

By GAY from hqh Comment posted: 3/25/2004
y is everyone telling what the defintion is ......we already know what it is damn.   Reply

By Bob from Indiana Comment posted: 3/25/2004
these are freakin fun...everyone in my school does them! you should try it   Reply

By zaine from Cleveland Heights Comment posted: 2/23/2004
Jimmie Mack is one serious mother fucker. Saran wrap!!! Unfortunately, you are all misguided. A Cleveland Steamer is a regional act and involves lake effect snow on the Lake Erie shore. Facing Canada, a lover slides her greased hand into his ass during a severe bout of diareha. The material caught by the woman in question is then eaten by both of them, rubbed on his member tenderly and then he forces his cock deep inside her oral cavity until tears stream from her eyes, she gets a contorded look on her face, and then vomits. Finally the lovers make passionate flippy floppy in the snow. Now that is a Cleveland Steamer and I should know - I live in Cleveland and perform this deed often.   Reply

By skippy from dallas Comment posted: 1/17/2004
I would like to correct definition #1. When you shit on a girls chest, then titty- fuck her, it is called a "chilidog"   Reply

By asdf from jkl; Comment posted: 12/15/2003

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By Unknown Comment posted: 11/13/2003
that is a hot lunch. cleveland steamer is a crap left in the bed after the last one night stand   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 8/20/2003
that is not the definition of the word.   Reply

By reach around rob from cleveland Comment posted: 8/14/2003
aCleveland Steamer is when you shit between a set of tits and then titty fuck her a Hot Carl is when you cover your lovers face with saran wrap and then procede to empty your ass on his or her face. you got it you douchetubes.   Reply

By Ashley Comment posted: 8/5/2003
A Cleaveland Steamer is when you shit on someones chest or something like that.   Reply

By edmund peelle Comment posted: 7/29/2003
i love men i like to give them cleveland steamers, especially this kid wess   Reply

By Mean Gene Okerland from WWE Comment posted: 7/28/2003
A Cleveland Steamer is when a girl is lying on her back sucking your cock and you take a shit on her chest.   Reply

By Seang Comment posted: 7/23/2003
how about, its taking a dump on a girls chest. Also known as the Hot Carl   Reply

By lickmynuts Comment posted: 6/4/2003
you are a fuckin idiot   Reply

By JF Comment posted: 5/28/2003
A cleveland steamer is when you drop a deuce on her breasts.   Reply

By Otis from nyc Comment posted: 5/23/2003
Wrong. Wrong, wrong. The C Steamer is when you're getting head whil straddling someone's chest and when you cum in her mouth you dump a steaming crap on her chest.   Reply

By beri from wisconsin Comment posted: 5/22/2003
you dumbasses, a cleveland steamer is when you take a dump on someones chest   Reply

By Mike Collins Comment posted: 4/9/2003
AWFUL---THis is NOT the CLeveland Steamer--The steamer is when u crap on her chest--JACKASS   Reply

By   from  ,  Comment posted: 3/29/2003
you're wrong turdburger. a cleveland steamer is when you crap on someone's chest after screwing them.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 3/27/2003
total wrong definition to the word. A cleveland steamer is when you shit on a girls chest....just ask tenecious d   Reply

By jimmy mac Comment posted: 3/26/2003
a cleveland steamer is a variation of the philadelpia shit-plate. instead of a plate, you shit onto a piece of saran-wrap over your partners face. Hence the steam of th.e hot turd   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 3/26/2003
actual definition: taking a dump on your sig others chest   Reply

By ba from MI Comment posted: 3/22/2003
everyone who likes german erotica knows a Cleveland steamer is when you poop directly into a woman's mouth, AKA 'hot lunch'   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 3/20/2003
A Cleveland Steamer is when you're titty-fucking a girl and take a crap on her stomach.   Reply

By Andrew from Canada Comment posted: 3/18/2003
I think a Cleveland Steamer is shitting on someone. Made famous in Tenacious D's song "Rock You Socks" when Jack Black says "squeeze out a cleveland steamer on my chest"   Reply

By shitzo el gitzo from UK Comment posted: 3/13/2003
Nah - It's shitting on someone and quite proably in their mouth! Nice   Reply

By Barboon Comment posted: 1/29/2003
thats not a cleveland steamer, a cleveland steamer, also know as a Hot Carl, is a blow job on the toilet while taking a dump. Do your research   Reply

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