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By TWMonitor Comment posted: 9/3/2010
This was one of the great classic words on the "older" TW site. If you remember any of those words, search for them and help give them the votes they deserve.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 11/14/2005
your a bitch   Reply

By Bleeks Comment posted: 7/12/2005
Chris is a spodie   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 7/11/2005
Soon will be off this list!!!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 7/4/2005
pussy!   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 6/26/2005
To be honest, I enjoy reading "Joan" comments not because I think they are good, but because some of these guys REALLY think they are being funny and I it just pisses me off too! Most of the time I'm just bitching to fuck with someone because its a good arguement! Someone on the site challenged everyone to actually attempt to contact and go on a date with Joan and thats the kind of shit I want to hear about!Fuck wondering, someone should find out for real! Wouldnt that be cool?   Reply

By Frank Comment posted: 6/15/2005
This site is even better, with all the cool comments!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 5/27/2005
I doubt that "Joan" hangs out here like us regular viewers, but she must have seen some comments (giggled, blushed or even jill-off). She seems to have an attractive body even if it's not "hot", so probably does get laid even if she's got a butterface.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 5/18/2005
Yeah, I miss her comments! I'm sure she's a woman and not a guy, and probably enjoys all the attention.   Reply

By Dustin Chewy Comment posted: 5/18/2005
I usually dont comment about Joan but Donny has a good point! Joan could be a dude! On the other hand, maybe she is a woman and thats not to common around here so shut the fuck up Donny!   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 5/17/2005
What banners? I dont see any porn? Really! It would be different if every comment wasnt the same! "I'll bet that art teacher from Cleveland would blah,blah,blah! Your beatin a sore peter! The bitch doesnt even comment anymore! You guys are jerking about each others comments! Thats gay! Literally!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 5/17/2005
WTF you saying Donny? Check the banner ads on every word! Duh, looks like porn to me! I don't come to this site for "sexual satisfaction" but c'mon, this isn't just your typical joke site. It's the "taint", that site between the "Dumb Blonde Jokes" and porn "light"   Reply

By donny Comment posted: 5/13/2005
If you come to this site for sexual satisfaction, you are sick! Its supposed to be funny! Joan comments are not fuckin funny !   Reply

By Unknown from AL Comment posted: 5/7/2005
why does it matter? she seems to be a great fantasyfuck, aka the receiving end of many T-W's   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/30/2005
Good comments Lyle: Why does he think everyone is a fag? I don't consider most comments "chatroom" stuff, except maybe the dialogue going on at "Frigid Clam". Also, I chuckle at some of the "Joan" comments, even if she is imaginery.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 4/29/2005
Oh, and BTW, while I hate to agree with someone so dumb they don't know how to wipe their own ass, I will take exception in this case and also testify that the who "Joan Divorky" think is about as funny as hammering a tack into your own balls.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 4/29/2005
I think they have an informercial on "hooked on phonics" that you should seriously consider inquiring into. I do post my real name, you cumsoaked dicklicker, just not my last name.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/28/2005
The Joan Divoky thing is not funny and obviously is still not funny! You little fucks are so lame its sick. Lyle, ColinC, and the rest of you bitches that talk shit on the computer.....put your real names and info on the screen and settle this shit like men or are you just a bunch of pussies runnin their mouthes? Go make love to eachother in a chat room or something because we are tired of hearing you fags talk about your sexual feelings for each other!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/28/2005
Hmmmm. Would that "Joan Divoky" be wearing her bikini or a short, summer dress?   Reply

By Elton John Comment posted: 4/25/2005
What do you call the sound when Chris gets it in the ass?   Reply

By LEW Comment posted: 4/23/2005

By Unknown Comment posted: 4/10/2005
Lyle, that is an excellent idea! In fact, right now I'm thinking of that 5'8" art teacher from Cleveland bent over the pool deck receiving loud "applause"   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 3/19/2005
YES, that's a better way to get good, loud "Applause"! I like "Standing Ovation" too!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 2/25/2005
if the guy was squatting and doing her anally, THEN MAYBE his balls would slap her ass! If she was on her back (ie Wrecking Balls) this word would be 4 STARS   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 12/28/2004
Not all, since I have indeed submitted legit words, but I think it is pretty obvious which words and posts are being forged by ColonC. Anyway, we both know ColinC has multiple IP numbers since he can somehow vote the hell out of stupid forgeries like "Skunk" or "Lucky Shirly" or his latest demontration of supreme idiocy, "powderbottom". I wish he could be banned.   Reply

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By Jack from turdwords Comment posted: 12/28/2004
Just so everyone knows, the person who is posting under the names Lyle and ColinC are from the same IP address, and likely the same person. This shit is ruining the site.   Reply

By The Real Lyle Comment posted: 12/28/2004
Hey, to prove to all that I am a great word writer check out my new submission. It is called powerbottom.   Reply

By The REAL Lyle Comment posted: 12/24/2004
I vote this one up often, but chiefly only when really bad words get voted to the top by ColonC.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 12/21/2004
Die word die, how many times do I have to keep voting down other words to make mine seem better.   Reply

By Adam Comment posted: 12/21/2004
This is aweful, how can it be #1? The author is obviously voting it up on his own. Too bad cuz there are much better out there.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 12/18/2004
Well no, they don't slap her ass per se, but they still slap her flaps and make a sound.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 12/17/2004
When a man does a woman from the back his balls do not slap her ass. Think about it.   Reply

By Captain Crutch Comment posted: 8/16/2004
I dont know how serioulsy i can take someone who cant even spell their own name correctly. Try spelling it "Guisseppe", you freaking Italian wannabe!   Reply

By josepi from guess Comment posted: 8/14/2004
Does your boyfriend do you in the ass too?   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 8/9/2004
I am glad to this word right at the top. When I first read the definition a couple o' months ago, I laughed my sack off. "Applause from the back row" is definately worthy of top 5, no doubt about it. Hats off to the author.   Reply

By Rob Halford Comment posted: 8/3/2004
Good word!   Reply

By Miika Kiprusoff Comment posted: 7/20/2004
Funny word   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 5/9/2004
sux   Reply

By Turek Comment posted: 4/20/2004
Genuinely funny!   Reply

By Freak Boy Comment posted: 2/21/2004
Your a fucking cock sucker dick for brains piece of shit useless mutherfuckin no good ass bandit queer bait loser. Eat me you faggot, if you leave another stupid fuckin comment on someones word, I'll track you down, find out where you live and shove your whole fuckin computer up your ass you useless waste of sperm.   Reply

By Steve the assclown Comment posted: 2/14/2004
After our Valentine's day all day anal session; Scott, Gary and Nick had to go to the bathroom to wipe the shum off their cocks after shooting their rockets up my ass. It gave me a real colon C section. Hee Hee.   Reply

By steve Comment posted: 2/13/2004
ColinC is an assclown. see below comment for full details, thanks. Or you can see my new word "Colon C Section". It's a brand spankin new word dedicated to ColinC.   Reply

By Steve the virgin Comment posted: 2/13/2004
Hi my name is Steve, I am a 35 year old virgin. I like to use other people names on various comments because I'm a big assclown. I also like to multiple vote on my words to keep them in the top 25 list where they rightfully belong and multiple vote other words on the top 25 down because I'm a big assclown.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 2/12/2004
Hi my name is ColinC, I like to use other people names on various comments because I'm a big assclown. I also like to multiple vote on my words to keep them in the top 25 list where they rightfully belong and multiple vote other words on the top 25 down because I'm a big assclown.   Reply

By Earl Stuckinsideme Comment posted: 2/12/2004
Should I use KY or astro-glide when my black boyfriend fucks my brown eye to get the proper "applause" sound? Also does anyone know where I can get some dental dam?   Reply

By Earl Comment posted: 2/11/2004
This word is great. deserves to be top 25...and imagine, good ratio of votes to screen views. Until ColinC ruins it by voting it down so his "shit obsessed" words are all that is left.   Reply

By Steve Comment posted: 2/11/2004
Last night was so good I gave my boyfriend an applause from the back row. He is very well endowed.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 2/10/2004
Sure, this one is pretty good!   Reply

By jenelle Comment posted: 10/3/2003
the best one ever------sooo true... hahahahaha   Reply

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