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By Deez nuts Comment posted: 4/1/2017
I luv a ColinC!   Reply

By Oldtimer Comment posted: 12/25/2015
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas you all! Hope Santa was good to you this year. Wonder what Joan found under her Christmas tree this morning?   Reply

By Jesus from thhANjZxuqFxf Comment posted: 4/4/2013
That's a posting full of inshgit!   Reply

By Oldtimer Comment posted: 11/27/2010
I wondered how long this would stay in Top 10? Overnight someone buried it again! Oh well, it lasted around 2.5 months near the top.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 4/3/2010
The Warden is a cunt   Reply

By Oldtimer Comment posted: 3/23/2010
LOL! Looks like The Warden is back!!! This was in top 5 few days ago and now it's buried.   Reply

By US traveler Comment posted: 3/6/2010
So Colin, was Joan as hot as advertised when you fucked her ass?   Reply

By Oldtimer Comment posted: 9/12/2009
Hope you post more new words, now that site is fixed! Hope some of the old gang comes back.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 8/11/2009
The site is finally fixed. Thanks again   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 8/5/2009
Oops! That should be "voting system still NOT working..."   Reply

The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community

By Steve2 Comment posted: 8/5/2009
Hey thanks for update! Yes, the voting system still is working (tried 1-star on the bottom few words on Top List, and they move up, not down, meaning it's stull froze on 4-stars). Also, I just meant the old site had the New Word gallery that showed any new words for 15 days or so, as I recall. I miss the Turdwords Quiz as well. That should be easy to activate?   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 8/5/2009
Rah! You did it! Just visited here and saw the "Rating Points" are back. Also, the Top List is back to 100 (though with ties, it shows 103 right now?). Hopefully when new words are added, they will show up in the New Words section. Right now is has changed to Last 100 Words of Day, which I like too. Just needs its own Category. Props to Eddie.   Reply

By colinC Comment posted: 8/3/2009
Steve2,it seems that me and you are some of the only souls on the site these days. I hope Eddie reads his inbox and makes some slight changes that we came up with. Cheers mate.   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 8/2/2009
That's good news. Maybe Eddie will find your suggestions sooner than later. The old site had Top 100 and Top 25 may be too few. Top 50 suits me fine. I had time to kill, so did a fast count on the "Top" list and it's almost at 1,400 words. Not surprised though, since every vote registers as "4 stars" so words keep getting dumped into the top list.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 7/27/2009
Thanks. I forwarded this message to them via the contact us feature. Let's turn this site around.   Reply

By Steve2 Comment posted: 7/27/2009
Check your Beverly Hills word. Eddie left you a comment there, and didn't seem to have a clue to the problems on the site. Said to contact them via the link at bottom of page.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 7/26/2009
That sucks. For a while this site was awesome. The operators could easily make it great with a few simple changes... I will write down my suggestions shortly. I know it will drive eyeballs and a whole lot more users.   Reply

By ColinC Comment posted: 7/24/2009
Gotta love the Joan! where is everybody these days?   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 7/22/2009
Adding "Joan" makes this word 4 STARS!   Reply

By assman Comment posted: 4/18/2009
Great word, so 3.5 stars. Great use of Joan in your usage example too!   Reply

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