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Bombing Pearl Harbor Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
Hard turds of good size dropping from your rectal cavity into your lilly white p...
Submitted by: Pirate 32,024 views 2.88 = Bombing Pearl Harbor Star Bombing Pearl Harbor Star Bombing Pearl Harbor Star (48 votes)

Busting A Buck Added: 12/28/2005 Verb  
When a young hunter finally shoots and kills his first buck, he fucks the bullet...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,707 views 4.00 = Busting A Buck Star Busting A Buck Star Busting A Buck Star Busting A Buck Star (1 vote)

Cavity Creep Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
One who enjoys violently molesting all holes of their partner without remorse or...
Submitted by: Pirate 32,013 views 1.73 = Cavity Creep Star Cavity Creep Star (45 votes)

Crushing Coral Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
The act of pounding pink pussy relentlessly until it's beyond tenderized.
Submitted by: Pirate 31,795 views 2.96 = Crushing Coral Star Crushing Coral Star Crushing Coral Star (23 votes)

Deathgasm Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
Death by orgasm. An orgasm so large and violently intese that it sends you into ...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,887 views  

Double Barreled Bitch Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
A girl who's attitude is as crappy as her fuck skills.
Submitted by: Pirate 31,656 views 1.00 = Double Barreled Bitch Star (3 votes)

Fecal Fodder Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
The extranious debris that projects from your cornhole with your regular crap. U...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,739 views 2.50 = Fecal Fodder Star Fecal Fodder Star Fecal Fodder Star (4 votes)

Ferret Nest Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
A pussy gone un-trimmed for several years. While these can be cozy and warm in t...
Submitted by: Pirate 32,141 views 1.28 = Ferret Nest Star (39 votes)

Festering Fecal Fetus Added: 1/15/2006 Noun  
A painfully large turd that you have been unable to shit out for many days. It h...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,876 views 2.50 = Festering Fecal Fetus Star Festering Fecal Fetus Star Festering Fecal Fetus Star (16 votes)

Fistfull Of Dollars, A Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
When a dirty whore agrees to a rough fisting lesson in exchange for twenty or so...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,990 views 1.10 = Fistfull Of Dollars, A Star (39 votes)

Franklin Mint, A Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
To receive a fierce blowjob while your girl has some mint Listerine in her blowh...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,923 views 3.14 = Franklin Mint, A Star Franklin Mint, A Star Franklin Mint, A Star (7 votes)

French Fartakiss Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
When performing a Fart Transplnt (Randode), both asses wet-fart and the juices a...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,803 views 1.08 = French Fartakiss Star (38 votes)

Ghastly Ghost Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
You fart in one room and it haunts you wherever you roam in the house afterwards...
Submitted by: Pirate 33,750 views 2.50 = Ghastly Ghost Star Ghastly Ghost Star Ghastly Ghost Star (14 votes)

Grizzly Grotus, A Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
A huge alaskan grizzly bear sized turd log that you have been unfortunate enough...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,911 views 3.00 = Grizzly Grotus, A Star Grizzly Grotus, A Star Grizzly Grotus, A Star (3 votes)

Grunt Truck Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
A heavyset girl that tends to grunt like an old Mack truck when buttfucked.
Submitted by: Pirate 32,046 views 2.43 = Grunt Truck Star Grunt Truck Star (80 votes)

Hog Trough Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
A very tired and worn out cunt. Many have been there before.
Submitted by: Pirate 31,902 views 1.37 = Hog Trough Star (19 votes)

Hymen Buster Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
1:A brutally large cock or dildo. 2:Crushing a girls cherry for her first time.3...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,908 views 1.31 = Hymen Buster Star (16 votes)

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Ignoranus Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
Someone who consistantly avoids the subject or act of ass sex, despite offerings...
Submitted by: Pirate 32,272 views 3.00 = Ignoranus Star Ignoranus Star Ignoranus Star (3 votes)

Log Cabin Added: 11/22/2005 Noun  
An ass full of turds.
Submitted by: Pirate 31,722 views 4.00 = Log Cabin Star Log Cabin Star Log Cabin Star Log Cabin Star (1 vote)

Packing Her Peanuts Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
Ass busting when you know she's got turds up there and you can feel your hammer ...
Submitted by: Pirate 34,763 views 1.86 = Packing Her Peanuts Star Packing Her Peanuts Star (36 votes)

Poo Poo Platter Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
A day full of random shits with multiple viscosities, shapes and sizes. This is ...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,916 views 1.38 = Poo Poo Platter Star (16 votes)

Pooh Shoes Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
A pair of crusty shoes which upon stepping in dog shit one day, you never cleane...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,868 views 2.00 = Pooh Shoes Star Pooh Shoes Star (6 votes)

Porn Flakes Added: 1/30/2006 Noun  
The scrappy collection of porn pictures you beat off to each and every morning. ...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,977 views 2.50 = Porn Flakes Star Porn Flakes Star Porn Flakes Star (2 votes)

Road Rape Added: 2/9/2006 Adverb  
While out driving ballistically, you happen upon a car crash scene before anyone...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,761 views 2.00 = Road Rape Star Road Rape Star (3 votes)

Shit On A Shingle Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
This is an actual food name for a military breakfast item served in the field. S...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,739 views 2.50 = Shit On A Shingle Star Shit On A Shingle Star Shit On A Shingle Star (2 votes)

Sneaky Snake Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
When you ease a small toy rubber snake into your girls unsuspecting anus cavity ...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,840 views 1.20 = Sneaky Snake Star (30 votes)

Speckling Garden Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
The wonderful harvest of green boogers and nose snot growing on your shower curt...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,982 views 1.14 = Speckling Garden Star (21 votes)

Sploogy Splifillow Added: 1/15/2006 Noun  
The nasty pillow you routinely fuck and have had since being a wee little spunk-...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,926 views 2.00 = Sploogy Splifillow Star Sploogy Splifillow Star (3 votes)

Throat Goat Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
A girl who vigorously enjoys giving head, but has a rough set of teeth that alwa...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,762 views  

Turds of War Added: 1/15/2006 Noun  
A violent and ruthless onslaught of craps brought on by the revenge of your gut ...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,588 views 4.00 = Turds of War Star Turds of War Star Turds of War Star Turds of War Star (1 vote)

Two-time Fecal Felon Added: 1/15/2006 Noun  
The disgusting turd monger at work or in a public restroom that, 1)doesn't court...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,826 views 1.82 = Two-time Fecal Felon Star Two-time Fecal Felon Star (22 votes)

Unity Fart Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
When two are more farts from different asses are gathered together in the same a...
Submitted by: Pirate 32,208 views 3.18 = Unity Fart Star Unity Fart Star Unity Fart Star (11 votes)

Visceral Bunk Bonding Added: 12/28/2005 Noun  
After landing a lunker of a fish, you celebrate by first gutting it, then rubbin...
Submitted by: Pirate 31,737 views 2.00 = Visceral Bunk Bonding Star Visceral Bunk Bonding Star (3 votes)

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