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Wanus Added: 9/25/2005 Noun  
The pee hole. "Wang+anus"
Submitted by: Sterrance 33,501 views 2.71 = Wanus Star Wanus Star Wanus Star (7 votes)

war daddy Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
a person who protects for sex in prison
Submitted by: joey 3,047 views 2.00 = war daddy Star war daddy Star (9 votes)

war dog Added: 7/30/2003 Noun  
An older haggered women that you pick up in a bar .
Submitted by: Pat Miller 2,858 views 2.84 = war dog Star war dog Star war dog Star (19 votes)

War Of The Monsters Added: 10/9/2004 Noun  
When two huge cocks can barely fit into one vagina and they keep pushing eachoth...
Submitted by: thefonz 2,306 views 1.40 = War Of The Monsters Star (10 votes)

Warm Breath Added: 4/1/2003 Noun  
When you are lying against your partner in bed and they fart on you.
Submitted by: Ben Dover 3,472 views 1.26 = Warm Breath Star (35 votes)

Warm Charlie Added: 5/7/2006 Noun  
Banging a girl in the jackhammer position, then diarreahing right as you nut all...
Submitted by: shanebizzle 32,424 views 3.25 = Warm Charlie Star Warm Charlie Star Warm Charlie Star (4 votes)

Warm Chester Added: 10/25/2003 Noun  
When you're about to blow your load, you crap on her chest and then blow all ove...
Submitted by: rodzilla32 3,259 views 3.33 = Warm Chester Star Warm Chester Star Warm Chester Star (12 votes)

warm fountain Added: 5/5/2004 Noun  
when one man sticks his penis and balls between his legs and has one other man s...
Submitted by: jo 2,254 views  

Warm Perkins Added: 10/25/2004 Noun  
Urinating on oneself while nude and sleeping, with a hard on.
Submitted by: Mikey 2,210 views 4.00 = Warm Perkins Star Warm Perkins Star Warm Perkins Star Warm Perkins Star (1 vote)

Warm round of applause Added: 10/23/2005 Noun  
When your giving anal to a girl, you pull out and bust your load on her ass and ...
Submitted by: Justo 32,460 views 3.31 = Warm round of applause Star Warm round of applause Star Warm round of applause Star (13 votes)

Warm Waldo Added: 4/20/2004 Noun  
When a chick is blowing you and you tell her you're going to cum in her mouth bu...
Submitted by: CT 4,315 views 2.50 = Warm Waldo Star Warm Waldo Star Warm Waldo Star (2 votes)

warmth, the Added: 7/24/2004 Noun  
the warmth refers to the sensation experienced by an individual, from a turd, th...
Submitted by: jack smchimdt 1,935 views 1.89 = warmth, the Star warmth, the Star (9 votes)

warning track Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
The skin between the vagina and the anus
Submitted by: Dennis Hussey 2,094 views 2.00 = warning track Star warning track Star (15 votes)

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Warpath Added: 4/28/2004 Noun  
The week of a woman's period
Submitted by: keegana1 1,963 views 2.00 = Warpath Star Warpath Star (9 votes)

warped wood Added: 8/4/2005 Noun  
a man's penis that is curved to a side
Submitted by: steve 32,195 views 2.00 = warped wood Star warped wood Star (3 votes)

Wart Factory Added: 11/8/2003 Noun  
Any vagina containing vaginal warts.
Submitted by: Panblanco 2,312 views 1.00 = Wart Factory Star (2 votes)

Wart Seat Added: 3/4/2003 Noun  
When someone has extremely warty asscheeks
Submitted by: ACS 4,021 views 1.60 = Wart Seat Star Wart Seat Star (5 votes)

wart toker Added: 10/19/2003 Noun  
A guy or girl that eats someone's pussy even though they have herpes or genital ...
Submitted by: Chodarama 2,336 views 3.25 = wart toker Star wart toker Star wart toker Star (12 votes)

Wart whore Added: 6/3/2003 Noun  
Someone who has warts around their pelvic area and hasn't had them treated yet.
Submitted by: badmilk 2,657 views 1.00 = Wart whore Star (1 vote)

Warwacker Added: 10/18/2004 Noun  
An aided or self-given hand job using feces as a lubricant.
Submitted by: slutphuker 2,322 views 2.50 = Warwacker Star Warwacker Star Warwacker Star (2 votes)

wasabe cheeks Added: 2/1/2003 Noun  
When your ass cheeks are on fire because you ate something extremely spicy and s...
Submitted by: Sean from San Diego 4,742 views 1.90 = wasabe cheeks Star wasabe cheeks Star (10 votes)

Washer burn Added: 5/22/2003 Noun  
when you shit so hard that it feels like your shiting razars and it hurts your w...
Submitted by: dan 2,782 views 1.80 = Washer burn Star Washer burn Star (10 votes)

Washing down the brownie Added: 7/24/2004 Verb  
You take a shit in someone's mouth and the cum in their mouth to wash it down.
Submitted by: jorge consuelo 2,227 views 2.22 = Washing down the brownie Star Washing down the brownie Star (9 votes)

Washing the Lettuce Added: 9/26/2003 Verb  
To wash your ass before someone tosses your salad ie: eats out your asshole.
Submitted by: C Mac 3,274 views 1.67 = Washing the Lettuce Star Washing the Lettuce Star (3 votes)

Washington Whirpool, The Added: 4/28/2007 Noun  
doing a girl doggie-style in a bathroom. Open the toilet lid and shove her head...
Submitted by: frankie_055 32,528 views 2.46 = Washington Whirpool, The Star Washington Whirpool, The Star (13 votes)

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